Sunday, December 10, 2006

All I Wanna Do Is Ride Bikes With You, And Stay Up Late and Watch Cartoons

Keep an eye on Wears the Trousers for Robbie's sexy interview with Planningtorock.

..who is playing here on 21 Dec in Rio by the way.

Last night at Dr Pong was wheely great. Apparently yesterday there was a bicycle race in Berlin. There was a bicycle-dude get together after party thing at the bar, so there was an especially invented for the occasion PUNCH for all the bicycle dudes to get drunk on...which they certainly did! Get drunk AND punch. Well, nearly. I was a bit scared of them sometimes. But then they would dance to Cansei de Ser Sexy, or make a "wish" for Whitney Houston, "only one of the good ones, from the 80s."

I hope that everyone is going to see "Little Miss Sunshine". If you are in the mood to go and watch a really good film at the cinema, I highly recommend it.

We had our own smoke machine button at the UDK party on Friday.

My neighbour is so cool. He has fashioned some pretend snowballs so it looks like someone has just splatted his door with two snowballs! HA! I went to the flea market today, and now have my first christmas decoration: a shooting star light. It's small, but fiery. It practically lights up my whole place.

In Ireland, if someone is very, very good looking we say they are "a ride".

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karina, Arlene Dahl.


There are alot of good things on this week: the UDK university is having a BIG MAD PARTY on Friday night. My friend signed us up to be the "indie" djs. We have a room all to ourselves for the night, and it's quite a beautiful room. AND the party is not just for grotty students. So please come out and dance!

I guess cassette-flyers are de rigeur. i made a flyer up like this only last week...Look closely because everything you need to know is ON THE FLYER.

This Saturday night i'm djing at Dr Pong:

almost tropical2

Beat that, UDK.

KLAXONS just came on the radio!..On radio eins!. Swit Swoo. And there's..extra bits in "Gravity's Rainbow". Scratchy, whiny, excellent bits.

That was exciting.

Also exciting, and a bit troublesome are the upcoming gigs over the next few days. FRIEDA HYVOENEN and LOVE IS ALL are both playing here on Sunday night. I would love to check out Privatclub, I've never been to a gig there. But I think I've been looking forward to the latter for a bit longer. Which means another stuffy, smoky, shove-y night in Magnet.

Monday poses another dilemma. i didn't realise it 'til just now but THE THERMALS and LONG BLONDES are in town playing the same night.

Oh, bugger. Not only will i be totally knackered after the weekend, i will have to make decisions. Hate dah.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Can Razmatazz You Honey If You Want Me To

i discovered an amazing song this week. "cherry cola" by eagles of death metal.

so, how's your weekend? hm, today i have a pretty bad hangover. pretty much the worst! i got a last minute job dj job for this dude's birthday party last night. it was held in a pretty cool venue and there was a big crowd. i was happy because people were dancing and there was a really good buzz. But then, after a couple of hours things started to go hilariously downhill. This 4 foot indian called "Moon" accosted me with his USB stick - at first i thought he wanted me to copy my music onto it, and i was a smidge flattered. (i never djed with a laptop before, but i was warned that maybe there wouldnt be a double cd mixer, so i should be prepared. i don't keep my music on it so i spent a good few hours beforehand uploading about 7 hours of music. it turned out that they had some reeeeeeeally nice equipment for cd mixing, which was one of the only nice things about the whole evening...)

so this Moon dude actually wanted me to copy all the music from HIS usb stick and play stuff off it. I started to do it, then the birthday dude came over and said "Whats going on here?..Just ignore that guy, he wasnt even invited" So i pretended there was a problem with my laptop and handed the USB stick back to Moon who said "yeh well you better have the music that we want." with a vicious glint in his eye. From then on he went out of his way to make things difficult. Even though people were dancing and having a good time and coming up to me and saying "MUSIC IS GREAT!!! AWOOOHOOO!!" this Moon dude and his pals kept coming over all serious asking for "more upbeat Benny Benassi." Oh i wish i could have seen my face when he said that. I felt really bad because the birthday guy just wanted people to have a good time. and i didnt want people to have a bad time cos they didnt like the music i was playing. but it was really just this little bunch of twats that ganged up against me because they didnt know that a dj had been booked, and they had all thought they would be hooking up their little usb sticks and putting on their terrible, awful, shitty music.

i did have nerd, justin timberlake and amerie with me so i played some of that..I even resorted to some early J.Lo. But these fuckers were just not happy. this guy was sharing his birthday party with his co-worker, and her boyfriend came up and bullied me into letting him take over. He started playing this euro dance trash and all the annoying bastards went "woo!!" but then two seconds later, people were getting their jackets and leaving, and those that stayed were coming up to me and saying "what happened? your music was better.." i didnt really know what to do then, because i was being paid to be there, but drunken control freaks with terrible music taste (possibly the worst kind of human being in existence) had taken over. then the boyfriend stomps up to me and demands to know why i have been complaining and so im trying to explain how shitty this situation is. i felt really bad because people should not be getting angry at a birthday party. and i was also just like "dude, you have terrible taste in music. what are you playing? can you hear this? It is TRASH." To his credit, he actually laughed and said "Yeh." Birthday guy had told me the party would be a crowd of 20-30 year olds who wanted to dance. and i had told him that the music i play is like new indie rock and some electronica stuff and 80s pop. i actually like that one benny benassi song, "satisfaction" but still. those people were absolutely evil motherfuckers. at one point i sort of cried a little bit because i am such a fucking girl and it was just so stressy.

Then this nice girl came up and we talked for a bit and she said she might have music on her laptop which they would like, so she would dj for a while. (i dunno there were alot of people with usb sticks and laptops at this party.) she did play some cool music, but people started attacking her with their usb sticks, and when one drunken eastern european bimbo tried to jam in her usb stick into the girls Mac even though it didnt fit, she got fed up and quit. so we left the boyfriend to it.

i really like djing. but last night was such a shitty position to be in. and i know it came about because it was all so last minute and not really planned very well. and ive wasted my weekend on the resulting hangover of doom - from the alcahol and all the drama. it was like a highschool prom gone wrong or something.

"cherry cola" does nearly make it all better though. it's up for download at their little spot. also, if you click on that cherry bakewell tart it gets really big. like really big.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Give Me a Polaroid Picture ‘til You Fit in my Pocket

You have a date tonight.

in Dr Pong, at 11 0'clock.

almost tropical dr pong

(there will also be cake.)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Heard a Sound

page 2

Powers are playing tonight, Friday night in Bastard, you bastards. Plus, it's Jessica(moog player)'s birthday. Plus Kate Boss is going to dj your ass off. DOORS 10.30PM.

don't miss it.

Check out the powers of Powers!

They just got back from TOURING with BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE. YO.

(Field Music cancelled their Sunday show. Needless to say, BOO.)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Alot of Things. Yay!

Hey, imagine three girls with long hair and blouses playing keyboards and bopping to a drum machine. Theyre singing about lying in the back yard measuring the stars with a ruler and a compass.

Au Revoir Simone, leaving a trail of swooning boys wherever their soft steps wander. They popped into the office yesterday morning, but I wasn't there yet, so I missed out. But I got to type up an interview Annie did. (I'm not saying anything, but guess who used to have a shaved head.)

They played last night in Magnet, as the opening band for Mono. It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but let me tell you all those long-haired noise-rock boys were totally under the spell of their dreamy pop lullabies. We were all waving from side to side, sighing longingly at the end of every song. They kept reminding me of someone, but i couldn't put my finger on it 'til my friend said "Postal Service". They also reminded me of the Lisbon sisters, though in a more well adjusted, less fatalistic kind of way. My favourite song from the night was the last one, a cover of Rod Stewarts "Young Turks"...(Why did he call it that? Why isn't this cover all over the INTERSPHEREOFLOVE yet? Listen to the original here! Oh, Rod Stewie.)

i'm sorry. these are the best lyrics EVER:
"Paradise was closed so they headed for the coast in a blissful manner.
They took a tworoom apartment that was jumping evry night of the week.
Happiness was found in each others arms as expected, yeah
Billy pierced his ears, drove a pickup like a lunatic, ooh!"

And it really is the best chorus melody ever. Especially the keyboard bits. No wonder they picked this one to cover.

And they have names like Annie and Heather. And surnames like Hart and D'Angelo. And i think i just fell in love with Annie's boyfriend's band though i haven't heard the music yet. This is two of the boys talking about a video for one of their songs: the video for "No Radio." it started off with this real upbeat guitar track, and it just made me want to move my feet, and I was like, 'Oh, how funny would it be if we made this video that was like '80s Jazzercise?' And two months later, I found myself in short shorts, jumpin' around.

I hope that this week you are not going to miss:

Powers . Bastard . Fri 24 November. (also a Kate Boss dj night. There will be dancing.)

Poopsy Club. WestGermany. Also Friday. I just got the newsletter on this one. There
will be a hairdresser called Charlie offering his services and there is "Queer darkroom" for "sexy chillout". I don't know, it's all in German..I think there is a band called Riots Not Diets from Argentina. You can read about one of the djs here. (Scroll down to A.Ona).

Field Music . Mudd Club. Sun 26 November. Playing support to Cold War Kids.

Almost Tropical (That's me.) djing at Dr Pong. Sun 26 Nov. From 11pm.

Field Music have put up some songs from their new album Tones of Town today. Get them while they are hot. Sit Tight and Give It Lose It Take It.

ps i missed Cansei de ser Sexy last night because tickets were TWENTY EUROS.


Saturday, November 18, 2006


CA$H MONEY PARTY LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! It was on in a very Stanley Kubrik type of setting, on the second level of a shopping centre @ Alex. There were rows of square refridgerators behind the bar with LCD displays telling you what was inside. And a live light show going on. The huge windows were actually sliding doors, and they even opened them up! Lots of dancing and people watching going on. I was kind of all danced out from Klaxons, but still didn't leave til way after 4.

ON THE DANCEFLOOR: Whitney "How Will I know", Shannon "Let the Music Play", "Ice Cream" New Young Pony Club, "Over and Over", Hot Chip..."Everything She Wants", George Michael.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Your Name's Not Down You're Not Coming In


In this photo you can see:

One Klaxon, sporting a rather dishy jumper, hairdo and instrument.

Also, just about, is the bicycle helmet of one of the girlz from Robots in Disguise. Yeh i guess the Robots in Disguise girlz were up the front wearing bicycle helmets.

I was supposed to get an interview, photopass, golden ticket to the gig and a slice of cake, but no. It transpired that none of this was going to work out for me. It was really disappointing to not have a chat with them and have to spend money that i don't have at the last minute. I really couldn't afford to get a ticket, my friend Kaffrin was gonna buy me one, and I was reliably informed by two different people that i was on the guestlist. But in the end...well you know the words to the song, innit.

000_1114 000_1131 clip_image002

I couldn't miss the show, and it was bloody worth it to be there. i have the big smile, sore feet, bruises, aching limbs, empty wallet and ringing ears to prove it.

"Magick" is going to do insane things on dancefloors..That wailing guitar and ooh-wee-ee-oooh-wee-ooh in the background and the chanting and the glitter on the snow...It seemed like the people who had been going fucking mental to "Atlantis to Interzone" didn't really know this one too well. Yet? but i did!..thanks to bigstereo. "Not Over Yet" is still my favourite. On the new album?!?!?!?!?!?! Hope so.

OH MY GOSH look what i just found, "Not Over Yet" Mp3.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Just Like Your Brain

Go to this:

Then go to this:





Then enter this video competition City Slang are runnin' at the moment.

Ok? Thanks.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Grizzly Bear + Powers show at Lido 13 November, cancelled

There are some evil scum walking the earth. You know the kind who steal honest, hardworking people's vans full of expensive gear and valueable personal belongings. Such is the fate of Grizzly Bear, who have had to cancel the last 12 dates of their tour, thanks to some nasty motherfucker who stole their van in Brussels last night. They already felt unsure about continueing because Daniel's father is ill. I am sure they felt the pressure from all the people who were depending on them to show up and be professional. But also the need to return home, for Daniel to be with his family at a time like this. My heart goes out to the band, I'm really sad we won't get to see them in Berlin. But hopefully things will work out. They will get their stuff back and Daniel's father will get well again.

If anyone has ANY information regarding their van that was stolen, they should contact the band at their myspace page.

PS - who the eff is this lil' kid?

Monday, November 06, 2006



Hello. Coming at you from my fancy office chair in the City Slang / Cooperative Music office. Yes! I am the new slave. It is great to be in this fancy office chair, let me tell you. The office is pretty quiet at the moment – the aftermath of CMJ = several empty fancy office chairs. We are listening to the new CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH album. It has “Satan Said Dance” on it!

So. I haven’t updated my weblog in a couple of weeks, but..i have been working behind the scenes you see. On a podcast thing. It was very fun to do this…and slightly horrifying to hear what I sound like. Wiiiiiierd. I’ll leave that one as my practise effort and will get to work on another which, if I don’t sound like an alien hiding under a duvet, I shall post up for you to listen to. Watch this space.

JUNIOR BOYS, Friday night in White Trash..It's just an unsuitable venue sometimes. There seemed to be way too many rude people there who didn’t really know what was going on. So it was a real battle of emotions., being swept away completely by the music to another place, a happy place, while simultaneously fighting the urge to deck the complete tossers who kept pushing and shoving.. Live, J B's heartwrenching disco pop was like a dreamworld of George Michael and Prince slow-dancing, with Frank Sinatra sulking under neon lights. They are so great. It's like a soundtrack to some lost and great '80s movie. They seemed a bit tired, apparently have been braving the tour on a freezing cold tour bus.

It was pretty sad that PLANNINGTOROCK was unable to continue on to America with THE KNIFE. Doctor's orders to cease and desist after inspecting her strained vocal chords means absolutely no singing for the next few weeks. PTR's performance is really vocals heavy, and after playing such a steady stream of shows on three seperate tours for the past few months, its no wonder she's got to give herself a break. Watch out Australia and Japan, she's coming and she will be fighting fit. Check it.

This is her video for so far unreleased song "The Havers". If you think there is something missing, you are right. This doesn't have the main vocals laid down yet. It has become my number one favourite song from the live show, and it might just be on the second album.

...The breakdown at 2.29 makes explosions in my brain.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lying on my back. I heard music. Felt unsure & catastrophic. Had to tell myself it's only music. It blows my mind, but it's like that.

000_1032 000_1034 000_1041 000_1035 000_1039 000_1014 000_1019 000_1027 000_1025

I never really imagined i'd be sitting on a tourbus watching [in awe] a Prince dvd (Revolution tour) drinking gallons of whiskey and taking "arty" photos under the weak glow of crappy bus lights. Peaches is dancing appreciately to Prince, Planningtorock is chatting with her mates who came down to see the show, Snax and Jamie Lidell are singing along, JD Samson pokes her head around the door and asks if anyone wants pizza.

And if i'd ever known that i would be discussing crisps with Olaf from the Knife i would probably have tried to think of something better to talk about than crisps. Though Olaf from the Knife is quite animated when talking about crisps; is an animated sort of person in general really.

Photos: Peaches + Planningtorock tour September/October 2006

i dont know why i took photos of toilets instead of..other stuff that wasn't toilets..

i saw milan, brussels, paris, london, amsterdam, copenhagen and everywhere in between from the window of a car, which is quite amazing really. i will never, ever forget driving through Mont Blanc (see glacier, above). Most of the time i was like a kid in the backseat with my nose pressed up against the window or eating crisps and drinking coke or asleep. Justin Timeberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds" was the soundtrack for most of the 2 weeks we were on the road for the Knife tour, aswell as Blonde Redhead's "Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons", Nick Drake and Elliot Smith. That's how we roll. Needless to say the shows were all amazing. the Knife sold out the two shows in Copenhagen in 5 and 7 minutes.

be Justin Timberlake's friend.

sorry this post is a little disjointed. the past 2 nights i didnt get no sleep. a MOSQUITO was buzzin around my room all night. im covered in bites.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10 Days of Perfect Tunes

It's been a strange week. A mosquito bit me on the eye. My drink got spiked.

But never mind that. I'm going on tour with Planningtorock and the Knife!

on Friday PTR will play with Die Goldenen Zitronen in the Postbahnhof. Then it's Hamburg for the last night of that tour.
Then Brussels for the last date of Planningtorock playing on the Peaches tour. I'm so happy i get to work at the another Peaches show, she is an amazing lady and I had such an amazing time during that week I was on the road last month.

Woo hoo!

The dates for the Planningtorock + the Knife shows on their European tour ARE:

Oct 14 THE FORUM London

PTR is also opening for them on the dates they are playing in the US. (unfortunately i won't be going that far)

Nov 3 MEZZANINE (tbc) San Francisco

To celebrate, here is one of the songs from Planningtorock's new release, "Have it All Stringed Up". it's an absolutely beautiful EP of a selection of string versions of songs from the album. Viola, cello and contra bass. The vocals are different too.

"Think That Thought" from Have it All Stringed Up EP - Planningtorock

Any recommendations for fun things to do in Copenhagen? It will be nice to actually have some free time there. I CANT WAIT!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Place I've Found Could Be All Ours But I've Seen Where You Would Rather Be


I missed the Final Fantasy, El Perro del Mar + Vetiver show at festsaal. I'm getting used to missing Final Fantasy, every time he comes to town it just doesn't work out for me to be there. I can't wait to hear how it went.

The Presets were in town again though the same night, playing Magnet. While I had a feeling that their show is a little out of place in this venue (but it was absolutely bloody perfect in Rio last Friday) i really didn't want to miss them. They are twice-in-one-week-goodness. I knew their tour schedule had them here last week, then on to Vancouver and back to Berlin. I imagined they'd be knackered after that, and you could tell by the way Julian rubbed his eyes and leaned against his Roland that this crazy touring is taking it's toll. But a couple of songs into the show they played "Are You the One", everyone went crazy and the two boys became energised.

The Daft Punk moment happens and Kim stands up from the drums, waving his arms in the air, urging the crowd to go hard. Then he sits back down and gets back into the beat. Their eyes were glued to the everyone dancing, feeding off the energy.

This pair always have a mischievious glint in their eyes, and are always shimmying around the stage. Kim + maracas = the best thing ever. Hooray! (Yes, his t-shirt says, "the kids want techno".) I can't wait to get my hands on Beams. Please go here and download the Cut Copy mix of The Presets "Girl and the Sea". It is very good.

Modular People must be a happy home. They've signed MSTRKRFT and the first MP release coming out in October is gonna be "Work on You" including the remix by Para One which you can hear, here.


Spent the day getting dj equipment sorted for the gallery opening. Tis a hectic affair doing that, and i couldnt have done it without the help of Oliver from Dr Pong. The place i rented the mixer and players from didnt give me enough cables..which was really lame. Of them, and me for not doublechecking. Plus as the gallery is brand new, there were no back up extension cords or anything which i really needed as i was set up outside in the courtyard. It finally worked out in the end, even though one of my speakers was kaput, i wasnt supposed to be playing too loud anyway...Which was sad as Oliver had provided a kick ass fancy sub-woofer..Oh well. The party was cut short unfortunately as the gallery crowd were exhausted i guess. I'm glad i've had the experience of organising and setting up (with help) equipment stuff. After packing up (why? why? there were lots of people and they were enjoying the music!) we went for drinx at a friends house before hitting a former swimming pool for the after party of this.


What a cool venue.
You walk in and the vast space presented by a cavernous, empty swimming pool just swallows you up. There are armchairs dotted around the floor bottom, people slow-dancing and even a game of skipping going on down there.

000_0993 000_0990

The contrast of the ornate cornicing and really decrepidly peeling walls inside the building was an urban decay dream. The djs in the main pool area were playing eerie music that totally matched the strange echoey acoustics. Unfortunately I had to go home after a couple of hours as it had been two very long days and i badly needed some kip. It was around 3am and as I departed there was a mighty crowd battling to get in.

i am going to start saving up my pocket money so i can go see Beyonce's show here next year!

Hot Date: 13 May 2007, Max Schemling Halle....BEYONCE! 59.75 € or 68.35 € (ouch).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Imagine That It's Eleventh Grade, But Nothing's Cool At All


Thanks JAPANTHER. I think i have a crush on you.
They played last night at WestGermany, with THE GOOD GOOD openin' up for them.
The awesome Japanther banner was hanging behind the stage. Big and black with the silver letters. It's very impressive. The almighty gallons of sweat, the pink and yellow telephone receiver-mics, the bart simpson t shirt, the nasty stage dive, also very impressive.


The Good Good were amazing and great. Their lead singer lady said, "it's really cool to see all these rad ladies up in the front." She sings and plays her keyboard, guitar and siren with the fervour of a child at play. A sample they used in one of their songs was a recorded conversation she had with her father from when she was 5. The band have this frenetic energy, lead by their insanely fast drummer. Shouting, clapping, drumming, bleeps and bloops coming from a siren thingy with buttons. THIS BAND IS SO CLASS. I loved their ghetto equipment:

Check out this high-hat. It looks like it got attacked by a dinosaur.

The floor tom kept falling over. the lead singer of Japanther was on hand to hop over fix it. he was up the front rocking out for the whole thing.

And the drum machine thing. Held together with those elastic-y bike things with hooks at the end. Aw!

Twas a great night in Dr Pong on Tuesday.

Were you there?
Thanks for comin'.
There was alot of people. It got really hot. And i was a bit nervous.

It looks like i'll be djing at the inaugural opening of the Curators Without Borders gallery this Saturday night, Brunnen Str. 5. It starts at 6 and i'm djing from 7 til 11 (if it doesn't get shut down). It's not confirmed but maybe im djing at the party afterwards...somewhere..

LOTS of live Sonic Youth mp3s HERE.

Monday, September 25, 2006

i know that you feel

i met kate boss tonight in monster ronson's. it was magnificent. he is from sao paulo and while i was talking to him he played the klaxons, cansei de ser sexy and the presets.


i like to play all them songs too.
so come along.

tomorrow (tonight - tuesday) night from 11 - Almost Tropical @ Dr. Pong, Eberswalder Str 21.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Are You the Juan?

I got home on Friday night from a week spent on tour with Planningtorock.

Planningtorock is opening for Peaches during her European jaunt this September/October.

Planningtorock is also opening for the Knife on their selection of European dates and also IN AMERICA!

Shows, shows, shows, road trips, too much whiskey. backstage, hotel bar, tour bus..when i get around to figuring out how to explain it, i will.

Check it out.

Anyways, on Friday night, after an 8 hour car trip from Munich totally squashed into a Renault with 4 complete strangers, the only thing i wanted to do was get on my bike and cycle to Rio to catch the Presets playing a show as part of the Gigolo records night.

By some nice good luck, i bumped into Peaches boyfriend at the door and he waved me in. He had accompanied his lovely girlfriend earlier that week for some of her "business trip". It was really nice of him to do that. Yay.

Rio was teaming. I gulped down a leitungswasser after my speedy bike ride and stood around. I might have looked a bit odd. My friends couldnt make it at the last minute and there was some baaaad music on that everyone was dancing to. I didn't reall care though, I just wanted to see the band!

Which was good because they came onstage pretty soon. The Presetsin all their glory ARE REALLY REALLY GREAT AND THEY DO THIS ELECTRO/LIVE PERFORMANCE THING THAT

and every one else too.

Drums that will knock your socks off and dance-antics that will make you giddy like when you had too much ice-cream in your coke that one time at your best friend's 9th birthday party in 1991. REMEMBER THOSE GOOD TIMES?!

All to be repeated THIS FRIDAY in bleughMAGNETbleugh where im sure nowt of the atmosphere, but as much, if not more of the sweat will be present. I'm gettin' up the front. I don't want to miss the chance to witness Kim's fancy A$$ drumming one more time.

During the show they morphed one of their songs into a Daft Punk tune from Homework. It was genius. And they finished us off with "I Go Hard I Go Home"

I'm reposting this video BECAUSE I HAVE TO.

Friday, September 15, 2006


At 8MM Bar you may have seen a notice that hangs precariously behind the counter; hastily scribbled and attached in a rather desultory fashion to a shelf bearing the weight of alcohol.

Powers 7” 6euros, the notice says.

This is the first ever release from Powers, featuring two startling songs, “Butchers Arms” and “Battery”, which mingle their dark and atmospheric charms in an enchanting blend of eerie vocals, noisy guitar and some seriously demented drumming.

They remind me of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and sometimes the Pixies.
Behold the power of Powers! They make a lot of noise for a threepiece. A band of three: drums, guitar and moog - the small size belies their big sound. Though based in beautiful Berlin the three members of the band came from England, Ireland and America. They all arrived in the city around the same time and got together to form Powers nearly a year ago. Joe used to be play drums for Add N to X, Paul is also a member of Boy$ and Jessica has been on tour lately playing moog for IAMX.

(ok, how class is that? the still from the video which is displayed until you press "play" is Jessica! It's actually my favourite shot aswell. Deadly.)

Elsewhere in Berlin, the record can also be bought at:

Freak Out
Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free
Downtown Records
Leila M

In Hamburg, the record can be found in:

the beautiful cover art was designed by Paul and his girlfriend. The band is currently working on recording new material and putting together a tour. So watch out!

Be their friend

Monday, September 11, 2006

White Trash Fast Food

Hello. I just wanted to pop in here and say I highly recommend to all of you a Sunday evening spent in White Trash Fast Food; it is surely a delightful thing.

See, on Sundays it gets real fancy at WTFF. From the glamourous broad who greets you at the door to the yummy candlelit dining and the burlesque dancer who fans her feathers at you at end of the night, fancy and fun are two really good words to describe the experience. I mean, it's still White Trash. Your maitre'd may be poised elegantly in a pin stripe suit, sipping from a glass of red wine - but check out his tats, yo. It's certainly bustling and the dj will keep you jiving in your seat as you await your Marquis de Fuck burger.

Apart from the restaurant there's a venue downstairs in a sort of cave. Bands who have played there recently include the Things, Two Gallants and Liars. And it's not just Sundays when its gonna be a good time:

**Swedish heart-melters Lampshade are playing there on October 23. Listen to "New Legs".

**And Italian dancefloor punks Hot Gossip are playing 18 Oct. Listen to "Haarp" (even though it's just a clip. It's a very tantalising clip..

I think you should go.



Saturday, September 09, 2006



Peaches came to town and put on a very good show. There was a giant inflatable penis, there was J.D Samson in a shiny silver get-up, swinging her keytar with a groove that made Peaches want to hump her leg alot, there was Peaches on a bike and Peaches stage-diving and there were two roadies, whose job specification seemed only to be to undress her as the show went on.

It wasn't really the theatrics of the show that really impressed me though. I'm not that familiar with previous fruits born from the Peaches tree, apart from the obvious ones...but anyway, I really like her new album. It is really good! Josh Homme and Beth Ditto are on there. YO. Her voice is gorgeous and she plays the guitar like a rock goddess. With a full band backing her up there's an almighty kick to the album and the live show is like a glam rock opera extravaganza. She finished up with that one, "Fuck the Pain Away". My favourites from the night were new one "Boys Wanna Be Her" and "Give 'Er", which Peaches definitely did.

The show attracted quite a few of the the underground Berlin musician folk. While i was working merch i saw IAMX, Robots in Disguise and one half of the Knife walking about. Swoon, thud. The after party was on in Rio. While hanging about in the dingy corridor waiting for my friend to come out of the loo I somehow rescued Peaches from the toilet she'd locked herself into. She was happy to get out...The band had Rio as a practise space for a week before this first date of the tour in Berlin. I wish i'd known..

Basically the night was quite like this video. Minus the blood! I think..Watchout it's a bit gorey.

this week was really mad and alot of stuff happened. mostly good! i dont want to say anything, i dont want to jinx it. i guess im overwhelmed and it kind of all hit me today, i didnt get up to much apart from going out for a sushi dinner and so i guess im missing out on all the fun tonight. It's the first Ca$h Money Party after the summer break, tonight in 103 Club. Dance!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thinking That Thought

There's an unmissable show happening in Postbahnhof tomorrow night. Peaches

The Show starts at 8 pm and if you're planning to go, i would be there on time as I know for a fact that venue has an early curfew and is bound to start on time.

PLANNINGTOROCK is an amazing lady. A visual artist who escaped to Berlin and started making music, she is a classically trained violinist, and her love of strings has resulted in a special issue of "Have it All" being released: a purely string (violin, cello and double bass) + accappella version of the album. Aswell as deeply rooted love for classical music, PTR's circle of friends, which includes Mocky, Kevin Blechdom and the Knife has no doubt influenced the sounds on her album.


PLANNINGTOROCK - Bolton Wanderer



Peaches will have a full band with her. That means Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue, Eagles of Death Metal), Radio Sloan (Hole) and JD Samson from Le Tigre on keytar and sequencing. JD's already been spotted in Berlin this week doing some shopping in Immaculate Heart, a great little vintage/thrift store in Mitte. (Em, on a sidenote, the owner of the shop, Meg, moonlights as hairdresser, cutting hair in 8MM bar. Make an appointment!

I'm gonna be working the merch stand tomorrow night. So come over, say hi and buy some stuff. There will be some amazing t shirts designed by Kristian Goddard and also some eccentric hoodies by Chicks on Speed designer Cathi Glas. Plus special edition white vinyl copies of "Have it All" and lots, lots more...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Started Out Strong and My Hopes Were High



Upcoming SIMPLE KID Shows, Swit Swoo!
Sep 16 End Of The Road Festival Dorset near Shaftesbury
Sep 27 ICA London London
Sep 29 GALWAY Roisin Dubh Galway
Sep 30 LIMERICK Dolans Warehouse Limerick
Oct 1 CORK An Cruiscin Lan Cork
Oct 4 DUBLIN The Village Dublin
Oct 5 BELFAST Spring & Airbrake Belfast
Oct 6 DERRY Nerve Centre Derry
Oct 7 DUNDALK Spirit Store Dundalk
Nov 2 LEEDS The Brudenell Social Club Leeds

None in Berlin, though.

Anyways, apart from Simple Kid here are some hot dates that are actually happening in Berlin this month: woah.

Hot Chip Lido 19.09.06
The Rapture Lido 20.09.06
The Black Keys Magnet 23.09.06
JAPANTHER WestGermany 27.09.06
The Presets Magnet 29.09.06

..a rapidly diminishing bank balance + no job = me = this video = yeh.

Check it out, "Staring at the Sun" by Simple Kid...From 2003. How is it that old? i dunno, it doesn't seem like it.


Simple Kid will be releasing 'Serotonin' & 'The Ballad
of Elton John' at the beginning of September, it will
be available as a ltd edition 7in and digital

It will be the first release on Country Gentleman
Recordings and will initially be available in the UK
and Eire. The album will follow a few weeks later and
is called 'Simple Kid 2'. The album comes with a 24 page booklet. Nice.

Full track listing:

Lil' King Kong
Self-Help Book
The Twentysomething
Old Domestic Cat
A Song of Stone
Mommy n Daddy
Oh Heart Don't Be Bitter
Love's An Enigma (pt II)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

What Are You Doing Later On?

It was really sweaty in Rio last night.You Say Party! We Say Die! were on the Saturday night bill. She sings good. They have some good songs. She's not afraid to grab silly boys by the necktie, if they so much as dare to manhandle her tambourine.

In about three weeks, the Presets will play Rio.

Though, that might be a secret.
Anyways, a week LATER they'll be playing Magnet aswell. YES YES.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Music is My Hot Hot Sex


If you were out last night and were at Dr. Pong, THANKS!!! It was my first time djing there on such a busy night, so I was a bit scared...And then there were some hiccups (double booked djs + the sound was a bit dodgy) so i felt a bit anxious for a while. But then it was alright, and I'd like to say thanks because, well, noone threw their ping pong bat at me or anything. (Unless it was when i was bending over to flip through records and you missed, ha.) And there was dancing, and I got alot of smiles and one offer to be in a music video.

For future reference, from now on at Dr. Pong, every Thursday night is MOVIE NIGHT! (Last night's screening was "Adaptation".) Film should be over by 11ish and then PING PONG playoffs resume of course & there'll be guest djs.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Am a Deep Sea Diver With My Fins, and Underneath Your Currents I Do Swim

(If you are out tonight come to Dr. Pong, Eberswalder Str 21. i'm djing from 11 + celebrating my 1 year Berlinniversary! Yay!)

It's quite fitting that the coat of arms for Berlin depicts a grizzly bear because when Grizzly Bear themselves took to the stage here last Tuesday night with such ease and comfort, it was like watching them in their natural habitat.

The gig started a little shakily due to some technical problems, but it was nothing that an impromptu Hot Chip cover and some sellotape couldn't fix. Hearing "Boy From School" get the Grizzly Bear treatment more than made up for the glitch in the switches. The band themselves come across as a warm and fuzzy bunch, like cuddly teddy bears that you want to bring along on your picnic, rather than ferocious attacking animals that want to have you for their picnic.
I was fairly rooted to the spot in wonderment and happiness because this was a really great gig. The ferocity that their band name suggests is found in the pounding drums and vicious guitar riffs that work so well with their dreamy vocals and thoughtful instrumentation. And how those drums are pounded! It was beyond awesome watching Christopher Bear (yes! yay!) pounding those skins. Sometimes it was like being blasted by a sound wave. At this show, it sounded like they band were working a much heavier sound than last time, when they played in WestGermany. Except of course on dreamy numbers like "the Knife". My oh my is that song the best thing ever. Like Ed said, "sometimes we rock, sometimes we don't". The contrast of two lead vocalists develops a deep richness through their psychedelic rock. Their lyrics are eerie and haunting with melodies to match, all of it flowing so well in the shape-shifting song structures like "Deep Sea Diver" and "On a Neck On a Spit".
They remind me of Mercury Rev and the Beach Boys, and some comparisons made by others include the Who.

This video made by Blogotheque is JUST SO GOOD.

Check out Gregory Nolan's photography. In particular that batch of backstage Black Wire backstage snaps! New drummer!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

...The Saddest Song, It Breaks My Heart To Sing Along

A Camera Obscura show is a special thing. Never mind the queue, or the long wait for them to come onstage (the long wait which came after the awful drivel of a support band) or anything else that might have been an attempt by whatever dark forces there are in the world that try to get in the way of having a fun time. With a trumpet, more vocals please and a laughing, smiling Traceyanne Camera Obscura were able to transcend the dark forces and put on their bittersweet show.

I mean, it's a good thing there was a queue! Lots of people came out to see them! In the rain! So many in fact that they said they were nervous! Kenny grabbed the microphone, and unable to look any of the crowd in the eye said "er, sorry we're a bit nervous, we didnae think it would be so..busy!" (in a terribly charming Scottish accent, my favourite.)
They didn't elaborate too much on why the technical problems....but Traceyanne said the British press have taken to calling them "Shambles Obscura", and that, "well, ha ha we deserve it."

About a year and a half ago they played in the Sugar Club in Dublin. At the time i was completely smitten with "Teenager", my only clear memory from that gig is that one song. This time around it was much, much different. I remember the whole show! I just don't know the names, i'm bad like that.

They tweaked the set list to accomodate some rowdy fans who were shouting song titles at them, not including "Books for Girls", which they had planned to play. So it got scrapped and they played another dancey little number. People were shuffling about in the soft glow of Lido and the feeling in the air was "don't go, Camera Obscura!" They played two encores, though Traceyanne was slightly admonishing when she said "We don't normally play two. Now away wi' ye!" Ok so she didn't really say "now away wi' ye!" But i cant seem to remember anythin she did say that will allow me to unleash my Irvine Welsh writin' skillz. Sorry.

Also Scottish and my favourite is ROBBIE! I'm excited for a London update.

dinnae miss:

Grizzly Bear in Lido this TUESDAY. tickets are 10.50. More than a steal.
Final Fantasy, El Perro del Mar + more at Festsaal Kreuzberg, 29 September.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ease On Over, Look at the Places That You Left Behind

Erase Errata are coming to Berlin. This! Makes! Me! Happy! They are on a pretty long tour, looks to be starting from tomorrow. They are doing lots of the dates with the Gossip in America and when they come here they are sharing the night with Les Georges Leningrad!

un cadeau.

Oct 21 at Festsaal, Kreuzberg. Skalitzer Str.134.

They are visiting Paris, and also Cork.

Oct 19 The Hub, Dublin.
Oct 20 Pine Lodge, Cork!!!!
Oct 25 Point Ephemere, Paris.

"Thank God ye're coming to Ireland. I'll see ye for the Dublin and Cork dates. Now I can plan my holidays." - a nice comment on their myspace page.

They're even going to Australia.

Erase Errata dot com

I knew Peaches was gonna have a full band with her this time. But i didnt really think about who it'd be. Well how bout J.D Samson! On keytar! And sequencing! This girl is having a pretty f-ing cool year. She's in one of the best funtime bands already. Then she gets to be serenaded by Senior (see below) and now is goin' on tour with Peaches. That video might just be the best thing of 2006, and probably ever. Drumming for Peaches is Samantha Maloney, swit swoo!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

...Would You Go Along With Someone Like Me?

i knew it was Victora Bergsman from the Concretes singin' along.

..and the REAL video:

Peter Bjorn and John are coming to Berlin!

They will be in Magnet on September 14th (with Little Man Tate)


Thanks to Shane for introducin' me.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Can You Cut, I Can Cut, 'Cause I'm a Rough Gem

It's always the best gigs that are the hardest to talk about.


Here goes nothing.

See, about two weeks ago, Islands came to Berlin to play in Bastard. This band has a history that is a bit mad really. Having the founders of the Unicorns in the line up and a list of pals including Regine and Win no doubt helped to attract the big crowd that turned up, and ensured an exciting and happy buzz in the air as we hung about in anticipation. The instruments waiting onstage were glimmering gently in the soft glow from the array of beautiful antique lights: saxaphone sexy bass clarinet, several violins, oboe, lots of guitars, and hidden in the back, drums.


The band took to the stage, making a wave through the crowd as they walked through, shaking tambourines. It was like the end of year class show. One of my friends there that evening said the band's lineup looks like a pretty typical slice of Canadian life. The seven Islanders reached for their instruments with solemnity and mischief. I think the human body makes the beautiful shape when it's held in position to play the violin. Also its quite beautiful to see someone playing the violin maintaining the correct posture while somehow letting go to the music, in an insane jitterbug fashion. The only girl in the band, Kate Perkins and brothers Alex and Sebastian Chow who all played the violin so impressively that night had all the best moves, definitely.

Islands are not twee and i like them for that. The doo-doo's and Hawaii-esque pop sounds belie the dark lyrical content and deeply talented musicianship which this group has.

They've had some really pretty t shirts deigned especially for their european tour by Rebecca Turbow. Swoon, thud.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I like Powers.
I liked them when I saw them playing in Trickster a couple of months ago, when the sound was quite bad..and some other disadvantageous elements were affecting their performance, so to speak. ROCK N ROLL!..Anyway, I love their onstage dynamic: Paul facing away from the crowd, concentrating wholly on his guitar; Jessica determinedly working the moog and Joe, he's like a whip on the drums. On Saturday after we saw them play, a friend pointed out how she likes Paul and Jessica's aura of calm on either side of the stage, facing slightly inwards so they frame the centrepiece that is Joe.


They were the first band on the Moshi Moshi stage which was inside a barn? of sorts...It's been four months since i first saw them play, and it's really great to see how much progress their live performance has made. Their music is dark and raw and menacing, but also jangly and making you want to dance. They certainly have a big sound for a 3-piece. When Jessica sings its hard to make out the words. It's like she's singing in some kind of alien language, which certainly contributes to the air of mystery and intrigue the band exudes when onstage. They seem to play as if only for themselves. Jessica's voice seems more confident and much stronger - she has been moonlighting for IAMX, it seems like it's been a good experience for her. Check her out in the vid for "President".
real Berliners may be jaded with their native city, but Powers are another example of expatriots who have come to Berlin and found the inspiration to make really good music. An englishman, an irishman and an american girl walk into a bar..nyard...

Their 7 inch is the first release on 8MM Records. White vinyl, yo:
A. Battery B. Butcher's Arms
6 EUROs + shipping.

Powers' space
8MM Bar
Joe Dilworth.
Moshi Moshi


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good Thieves of Burning Cars Encirle Poisened Rivers, Minds and Hearts.


First day of Berlin Festival is OVER!

I'm pretty wrecked after it, in a good way. This was my only festival this summer and it was a good time. i set off this morning with my bag packed full of festival necessities: sun lotion, full batteries in my camera and rice cakes. Arriving early at the festival grounds we heard the rock'n'roll Humanzi getting it on at the main stage. They were the first band of the day, and playing to less than 10 people. ha ha! The er, less than huge crowd didn't stop them from ripping it up though, they were one of my favourite bands of the day.

shaun mulrooney, humanzi

The first time i saw them was when they played a special set for the Voices From A Room programme. (This bit of tv on RTE 1 is a gem: live performances taking place in a small church in beautiful Co. Kerry.) The night Humanzi play they are introduced by the inimitable John Kelly like this: "Sometimes I despair about young people. Alot of them want to sit in their bedrooms and strum acoustic guitars - don't even think about plugging them in. But every so often you get your faith restored. Here's a noisy bunch: HUMANZI."

They are indeed noisy. Their lyrical content is quite bleak, the second last song of their set with a song about the apocalypse, for example. I wouldn't really recommend** watching that archived show, the band were a million times deadlier today. Deadly = Dub speak for REALLY F-ING GOOD! Lead singer Shaun Mulrooney is looking a damn sight healthier for one, and also quite easy on the eyes, maybe its the haircut or the tight jeans, the slimmer waist or perhaps less booze and fags, more band practise. ?? Well done anyway Shaun. Swoon, thud. Their next gig is on a night called Kill All Hippies in 333 Club. If you're in London on August 8th, i definitely recommend going to see them.

My 2nd favourites of the day were Hot Club de Paris!
YAY! THIS! BAND! IS! AMAZINGLY! FUN! AND! GREAT! Inside, on the Moshi Moshi stage, they beckoned the crowd closer to the stage and opened their set by standing together all three in a row, hands clasped behind their backs, eyes to the heavens, thus serenading us with a little song about themselves. They were so delightfully happy and cheeky - its hard not to fall in deep smit with a band doing sweet harmonies, beatboxing, singing witty lyrics and rocking out all at the same time. Do check out the live dates listed on their myspace page. Their live show is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!!!!! It was a nice moment when their bass player snapped a string, the bass player from Kubichek (who was in the crowd enjoying the show) ran off and got his to hand up onstage for a lend. Nice.

The festival setting was slightly surreal as part of the grounds, around the corner from the main stage, were sectioned into a sort of petting zoo. In between bands, we visited the pigs, goats, deer, hamsters and peacock. Amazing!


Klaxons. They have the best t-shirts. They have done a cover of a dodgy old 90's dance tuuuuuune, the one that goes like, "it's all over, it's all over, it's all over, it's all over nowwwwww." Grace, "It's Over Now". I coulnd't believe my ears. These boys...hitting all those high notes. Before the band began, several rowdy members of the crowd were doing their own vocal rendition of the "Atlantis to Interzone" keyboard bits: "WAAAAAAIIIIIIII, OH OH OH". This made the Klaxons laugh. So did the answer "YOU!" when they asked, "who was the best band of the day?". One of the guitarists took over the mic for the last song and jumped in the crowd. He has bright green converse. The other wore a bright pink cardi. Theres alot going on with this band. They're singing obscure/mushy lyrics to their indie-rave-what-have-you,
while looking surly and wearing their grannies fleurescent cardigans. They were totally out of tune for "Gravity's Rainbow" which was kind of funny and disconcerting, they were all singing together out of tune like one key higher or something. The keyboardist had programmed one of his keys to play the word "WICKEDDDD" whenever he pressed it. THEY ARE SO GREAT.


Sorry i'm such a girl and have decorated this post with nothing but sweaty boys.

Humanzi, Kill All Hippies Gig Flyer - pass it on
Hot Club de Paris
Berlin Festival
Other Voices, RTE
Moshi Moshi Records
Nice bedtime story

**I would however recommend watching this. Amy and Torque from Stars shine a light on why Canada's music scene has been blossoming in recent years, plus nice live performance bits and more talking. Other artist's performances you can check out there are Duke Special, Bell X1, Jose Gonzalez, Jape, Rufus Wainright, Mark Lanegan, The Thrills....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nice Day For Your Shop To Get Busy

i love the news today.




GET STUCK IN here or here. this track is really reminiscent of "You Got Me". Pang.



My Latest Novel!

My Latest Novel

Shout Out Louds!
the Raveonnettes!
Echo and the Bunnymen!
Hot Club de Paris!


GERRY RYAN PLAYED THE PIPETTES ON THE BIGGEST NATIONAL RADIO STATION IN IRELAND, PROBLY THIS MORNING! I WAS HAVING A CUP OF TEA AND I SAID TO MYSELF "THAT SOUNDS LIKE..NO IT CANT BE..VIOLINS?...PULL SHAPES!!!!!!!"...I NEARLY SPLUTTERED MY TEA ALL OVER MY LAPTOP. GERRY SAID, "doesn't that sound like something Phil Spector would have come up with in the 1960's (he soundeded very pleased with himself here) Very fresh and lively! Now, lets talk about expensive alcahol....."


beck said,
"it's all stickers...
It's really pretty amazing.
The artwork is laid out in stickers,
it's modular, the cover is blank
and you get a sheet of stickers
and you make your own cover."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do You Feel My Heart Beating?

Last night at West Germany there were some bands! It's probably one of my favourite venues in Berlin. Probably because it's run by two of the loveliest expatriots in Berlin, with the fanciest irish accents, Paul and Fitz. Probably because its homed in a dilapidated doctor's office - of which the ceiling (or lack thereof) is probably my favourite feature.

Cupcake lived up their name and were quite yummy. They took up the whole stage and then some with two sets of drums, electric and bass guitar, singer on keyboards and a girl sitting quaintly on a chair just offstage finger-pickin' on an acoustic guitar. The sound was really good, though it was a shame we didnt really get to hear the acoustic guitar at all, except this one time before the rest of the band kicked in. They performed a batch of really hot treats..about halfway through their set as I was texting a friend about them, in that moment I was getting some interesting flavours: there was a satistying and crunchy Sonic Youth centre with some extra added Bloc Party nuggets plus a sprinkling of Hole. Their music makes you want to dance and i think their songs would have had us all in a stomp if it hadnt been so damn hot and perhaps if there'd been just a few more people there. Included in the set was a song inspired by "the band who sings that song 'close your eyes..give me your hand, darlin'...'". A ripple went through the crowd of people turning to their neighbour, scratching their heads and asking "Who sang that song again?". Funny. Their set was quite short, i guess because they were on first. I hope i'll get to see them again somewhen somewhere around beautiful Berlin.


On the way up there we noticed that the stairwell has been newly painted a rather disgusting pastel puke green colour. Unfortunately the West Germany management is asking that the walls remain untarnished, probably the best warning sign ever, though. i'm not sure which is worse - the ugly graffiti tags or the new paint not anti graffiti, but the previous mess of tagging was pointless and boring..

When he's not going on mad jaunts in the tour bus with Erase Errata et al, Fitz djs. At the moment he's djing once a month in Paloma bar. He has a deadly record collection: "never leave the house without it" he said, brandishing some Thin Lizzy vinyl, though last night was more French 60s pop. It's tiny and amazing in there. Up the 2nd set of stairs over from West Germany as you go towards Kaisers.

i never knew that Tiffany was doing a cover!

Tommy James and the Shondells, "I Think We're Alone Now"

children behave, indeed.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh, Kelly

I've loved Cut Copy for a long time. Signed up for the newsletter and everything. They make this music that makes you sad and want to dance at the same time. kind of like Interpol? Not musically, but the way you feel..

Cut Copy, "Going Nowhere".

i discovered the Presets somehow this week. i can't get this song out of my head. it's amazing...and has clapping.

Today i stumbled upon this. I'm in love.

"Kelly" by Van She

not sure but i think they are, all of them, australian and on the same label. ha ha! thats not how i discovered them though. anyway. im happy.

i just had my first split-from-the-band-due-to-creative-differences experience. it was a good time.

if you go here you can download some crazy shit.

Monday, July 17, 2006

We'll Travel To Infinity

This weekend beautiful Berlin was taken over by MAD RAVERS.

On Saturday the Love Parade was on. I went there with my friend who once upon a time had scribbled in her highschool yearbook that one of her lifelong goals was to make it to Love Parade. 10 years later, she was there! Me, i just wanted to gawk. We walked down Strasse der 17 Juni in a throng of badly dressed people who were dancing to techno. It was funny. People were partying on the top of lamp posts and sometimes getting a little bit too friendly when the crowds were packed tightly..There were floats on each side of the street with loads more badly dressed dancing people and djs. Some of the songs i heard recalled my days (nights) of dancing to house music in the sweaty back dancefloor of an awful club, the Garden. Im glad those days are over. People used to think i was always on drugs cos I danced so much, but i wasnt, i just love dancing...oh, maybe i dance funny. i dunno.

WHICH IS WHY SATURDAY NIGHT WAS SO GREAT. i saw The Horrors, The Klaxons and WhoMadeWho at Rio. This was rave music at its best..We were all raving mad! It was a dance to the death. The party started at 11pm, but the night truly began when The Horrors took to the stage. From the first rip of Josh Horror's guitar and snarl from Faris Horror, it was a relentless onslaught. Out of control..Their set was sexual, dark and that way that fear can feel good. Screeching "Jack the Ripper" at us, the dirty london gutters were practically spewing from their mouths. Faris was wont to stalk off the stage and menace the crowd, threatening on the mic from beneath his mop of shiny black hair. Josh is a livewire onstage, his eyes gleam minute he's absorbed in ripping it up on his guitar, the next he's in the crowd screaming in someone's face.
The Horrors 011 Whoever it was will probably have nightmares for a week.

If you want nightmares for a week fucking long time, watch the video for "Sheena is a Parasite".

...NOT for the faint of heart...thats basically what happened on the dancefloor, especially to me. But yeh, minus the slimy entrails part.

the Klaxons were certainly able to keep up the momentum. Each of them attacked their instruments intensely. That dancefloor certainly got a thrashing..I highly recommend visiting their space cos you can download "Atlantis to Interzone" AND "Gravity's Rainbow" and then you can go to BIG STEREO and get a nice remix of the latter by Van She and then be a very fucking happy person indeed.

Didn't realise how much of WhoMadeWho's music i already knew! How ace. They seemed surprised how much everyone enjoyed their set. They kept up with the rave theme slightly with their BANGIN version of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction", innit. You can hear it here. TUUUUUUUUUUNE!

As an antidote to the horror feature, this video has been giving me the utmost joy lately.

When are the Cribs coming to Berlin???!!!

ps- i should say something like, Yay, Vice! for hooking me up with an invite + throwing a bloody good party for everyone in celebration of Vice Germany's 1 year anniversary. Free beer all night, really all CHERRY BEER really all night..swoon..a great crowd and an effing great line up. Check their photo blog for when they post up photographs from the night, there were several Vice photographers on patrol that night. I certainly hope I do not make any incriminating appearances.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I Warned You, You Didn't Believe Me

Just a few minutes ago Beth Ditto bumped her glorious bum right into me. I wont forget the sight of her on the dancefloor: she's really tiny and there was a gang of ecstatic dancing boys jumping all around her in a circle. Twas a sight to behold.Yeh, The Gossip played a gig tonight in Berghain, a truly Berlin venue somewhere in the middle of nowhere. i don't really know how i actually managed to get there. After roaming around on my bicycle feeling totally lost (in my own neighbourhood!) and exchanging several texts messages with my cohort i finally wandered down a dark alley and followed lights and laughter and there it was. While waiting in the queue its hard not to observe the framed notice which proclaims "Absolutely No Picture Taking!" in several languages. Sure enough, i had to check my camera in, which was such a disappointment as the setting was unbelievably photogenic, you could spend months in there taking unbelieveable shots. Berghain is really an amazing place. Like some kind of huge abandoned nightmare factory, it's certainly an appropriate setting for a seriously spooky Japanese psychological thriller. Eeeeeeeeeek. Well, except for all the sweaty people dancing madly to Kate Bush. (The pre-gig dj, Kate Boss was really good.)

Dark and eerie inside, you feel cornered even though you're standing in such a massive space. There is a feeling that something strange and unworldly has been unleashed and is coming to get you. The concrete structure seems endless with stairs climbing up all the walls and rooms leading onto rooms. It seems so empty, though many things catch your eye: glass panes in the walls, a glass bar counter filled with broken beer bottles, ultraviolet lit toilets, the shadow of a hook dangling from the ceiling cast menacingly on the wall. This building also houses Panorama Bar which i haven't been to yet, so there's even more to it that i haven't seen...

Like their gig in Magnet nearly a month ago, tonight was a total sweatfest. Boys were stripping off and throwing their garments at Beth as she had no towel onstage. It was a good time. She was in good form, like last time, cussing and lasciviously chatting up the crowd. She looked absolutely amazing. They played a similar set, though with more "slow jams" as requested by Beth, including their sweet cover of Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" (it's on the space). They almost played Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" (...which is listed as no.3 in a top ten on Brace's space) and saved "Standing in the Way of Control" til last again. By the end of the show the crowd was a heaving mass of sinously shimmying boys and girls.

Their music gets right into you and shakes up your insides and unearths alot of deeply rooted feelings. It's her voice, its the dirty basslines and thumping drums - Hannah slammed right through her skins + had to tape her snare all back together.

Beth really knows how to work the crowd, without obviously doing so. Enticing and inviting you with her wiley charms and urgent pleas to join in, clap, dance, sing, bump and grind with her on the danceflo'.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Your Eyes Are Big When They're So Close

I like going to see Maximo Park live. The first time I went, last November, it was a gig that changed the way I listened to their album. I urgently searched out the songs which I hadn't been paying proper attention to and these have since become firmer favourites than the ones that drew my attention to the band initially. Le sigh. Around this time was a turning point in my life, I'd decided to really stay in Berlin and set myself up here despite unemployment, homelessness and a serious bike accident. I was making new friends and planning projects...for me the night of this gig was an evening of promise.

Second time around, June 22nd last at the Maria it was a warm-up to the Melt Festival, with the Pipettes opening up and Whitest Boy Alive playing next door in Josef. Paul took to the stage in a stamping fury. His energy is contagious and the crowd gave in completely and joined in. And I was right in the midddle of it! Woo hoo. It was a great feeling being in that crowd, and I didn't even mind the fine array of bruises I left with. Though I didn't get to speak to anybody who'd been performing that night, the backstage bit was nice, there was beer and food and nice people. I nicked some Pipettes set lists and some posters that said "Be Cool Smoke Outside". We were nearly ejected by a burly German bouncer (we didn't have red backstage bracelet tags as Paul had just waved us in) Thanks to Drea for her reasonable logic triumphing over his testosterone tantrum!

The photograph of Paul was taken by my sister this weekend when she saw them play in a special MTV tent at Oxegen Festival. Wonderfully, she had wandered in to the tent not knowing who was about to play and then the boys took to the stage and played a cute mini set of just 3 songs. Its online to watch here.

Theres a gig tonight that will be a nice change from all these "big" gigs i've been turning up at lately. Noussommesloups (We Are Wolves) are playing in White Trash tonight with support from Duchess Says . Tix: 8 euros, doors at 9.