Saturday, May 24, 2008

Who Will Love You? Who Will Fight?

OH crap. there are 3 very good music events on tonight (sunday). Bon Iver at Privatclub, Bishop Allen at Roter Salon and Sunset Rubdown at Tacheles. I would sincerely love to see each band. shite.

Monday, May 19, 2008

An Apparition of Twilight Visions

Ok i nearly just booked a 300 euro flight to dublin to see Late of the Pier in Dublin this weekend. Cos i just found out they're playing with Midnight Juggernauts! But then I didn't because they (MJ) are in fact coming to Berlin real soon - June 15th, venue TBA. I think minus Late of the Pier, but hey.

Seriously though, i feel a strongly worded letter coming on. Something like:

dear Australian bands,

Please stop makin music videos that just show you playing your guitars and drums and trying to "sing sexy into the microphone". Ok? You are pretty sexy anyway, just don't over do it. Especially if you have facial hair.

Midnight Juggernauts - Into the Galaxy (video date Nov 07)

And more especially if you sort of look a bit the same as some other popular Australian bands that alreay made this kind of video.

Van She - Kelly (video date Oct 07)

And if you already DID make a flippin video like that, don't do another one, except this time with a black background. You aint foolin us...

new video for "Strangers" from Van She

and why do you mention "saturated fat" in your new song, eh?

Oh well. Australian music pretty much rules every dancefloor and mixtape being made right now!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's Ok To Stay With You..

The Teenagers are now accepting admissions for a music video for their new song "Feeling Better"..which is basically gonna be put together from footage submitted by their fans, i.e me and you and everyone we know.

"And if you need a band

Cause you wanna dance

Or missing a friend

Cause you don’t have any

Well we don’t care

Just buy our tshirts

And talk about us everywhere

If you wanna dance-dance-dance-dance-dance-dance-dance..."

Some of their previous music videos have been created by the amazing Kinga Burza and Caroline London. I am sure there is lots of inspiration in that video catalogue: making out, dancing, lollipops, rollerskates, hotpants...The amazing lyrics to "Feeling Better" are available on their myspace player, the brief for the video: you singing along to the song.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey I'm Real Upset

I met up with my friend Sibilla this evening and while some crap German band played inside Maria, we took ourselves out to the moonlit "terrace" while Sibilla smoked a fag and i sipped an apfel-schorle. it turned out to be a dark, rat infested bench by the stagnant river. Ooh loverly! We discussed the merits of wearing white jeans and how good the new Late of the Pier song, FOCKER s. (That is just a link to the Myspace, where you can hear it. It is really good, it's out on Monday.) Look how excited they are about playing Dublin!

is that hard to see? well, there is an exclamation mark beside Dublin!

I wonder what is this "electronic music festival" they are lined up to play there. hmm?

Do you like to shake in your white denim? Please visit this blog post and download "shake shake shake" by White Denim.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Burn It All Down

i'm pretending that i'm not gonna miss Surkin + Boys Noise, Soko and fucking SCANNERS this weekend. F U C K I N G H E L L ! Tonight I was offered the chance to dj at the Scanners gig. Oh shit. But taking some time out in London is worth it no matter what way I look at it. Celebrating birthdays and catchy uppies on Primrose hill, going plimsole shopping on Cheshire street, and hopefully a chelsea bun and cup of tea or two the morning after boozing and dancing til the wee hours of the smoggy London morning. If you have any London tips for this weekend (we're making the weekend last until Tuesday) you can let me know. Otherwise, you better be in Berlin because this weekend is a-mazing. I'm still gonna make Death by Pop on Friday night by the way.