Monday, June 25, 2007


if you're in Berlin i highly recommend you and your boyz come down to Eel Pie this Thursday night. Expect Excellence is on, which means we are gonna have a party and show a selection of work from photographer Jane Stockdale. Jane began taking photographs of bands after this one time she accidentally met Sonic Youth in New York aged 16. She has since photographed many live bands including Beck, Pavement, Grace Jones, REM and Iggy Pop, plus many different people, places and festivals and her works have been published in VICE, lodown, ID, NME, XLR8R, sup and German Vogue.

And i know i just dropped some names just there, but here's a shot of some kids in a car in NY. Fresh and clean.

expect excellence thurs 28 +++ jane stockdale photography

Expect Excellence
dj Almost Tropical
Jane Stockdale Photography
EEL PIE (U Bahn Senefelder Platz, Saarbruecker str.21-22, 3rd floor)
Thurs 28 June
Doors at 11
(no cover)

Friday, June 22, 2007


Do you have a tape player?

There is alot of good stuff on this weekend. Unfortunately i can't seem to save the flyer image for this, but at least the central image works. I can just tell you the info:


Eröffnung: Samstag, 23. Juni, 19 Uhr

offen: Sonntag, 24. Juni 15 bis 19 Uhr
25. bis 28. Juni nach telefonische Vereinbarung: 0173 2845455

Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin
U2 - Eberswalder Strasse

Cindy Sherman Retrospective

Martin-Gropius-Bau, Niederkirchnerstr. 7, 10963 Berlin (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Mo 10.00-20.00

Plus, the Presets play on Saturday night, in Sage club for 8 euros. And are taking part in the Christopher Street Day thing during the day as well.

Too much!

Next week is also gonna be too much, in a good way.

Thursday - Expect Excellence at Eel Pie / dj Almost Tropical + Jane Stockdale Photography

Friday - Bouncing Boys at Bastard with Kate Boss + dj Almost Tropical + My Friend Gravity (live)

Saturday - DAFT PUNK + SEBASTIAN at SOME BIGASS VENUE + a very nice dj pile-up for afters at Picknick. Beautiful flyers and secret infos coming soon.

the Vice Guide to Berlin is up.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

j'en perds la raison dans la mer du japon

this Wednesday I am gonna be here doing this


Thursday, June 14, 2007

the good fight

You know how i was wondering if that was really Michael Jackson in the background of Rihanna's track? Well, the next morning when I woke up I turned on the radio and heard the end of "Wanna Be Startin Something", which is indeed the sample. Spooky!!! Come on, when did you last hear that song on Radio Eins? If i wonder about some rather more pertinent issues will I get a similar answer from the universe? Or is it only name-that-tune?

The other day I was riding my bike home from work, and a bike dude cut across me. As he cycled away (on the right side of the road) he swerved right across the street in front of a crazy taxi driver (those motherfuckers) just to high five another bike dude going in the opposite direction, and then he swerved back over to the right side of the road again. I've also seen tons of people cycling with their arms crossed. I've been trying to practise my look-mum-no-hands! but i'm not really that good.

Today i met up with Jane Stockdale. Jane is an amazing photographer (see photo) and a right laff. We'll be showing a selection of some of her new work at the next Expect Excellence party. (Coming soon! I'm excited!). Take a look at her portfolio, it's really class. And, speaking of class portfolio's, Max has added some work to his new website. Check it out.

There isn't a favourite song of mine that the Teenagers haven't remixed, or released themselves. There is also a band called Teenager. Have a listen.

CHROMEO in CLUB 103 JUNE 21st!!! HOORAY!!!

it's too hot to eat, sleep or wear clothes. i love it!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i just uploaded the photographs from the Expect Excellence party we had last weekend...


in other news, it's really effin hot, i have hayfever and there seems to be no end to the Rihanna songs getting stuck in my head. No need for me to since Fluo Kids already posted "Don't Stop the Music" a couple of weeks ago. "Disconcerting but cool", they said about it, en francais. (Is that really Michael Jackson's falsetto in the background?!)

Ipod is good for when you are doing housework late at night. You know, when it's the night before an early flight and you still haven't packed or done the dishes.

Monday, June 04, 2007

(i set all my false alarm clocks)

DAFT PUNK plus SEBASTIAN june 30, Berlin Velodrome !!!

i just found out today that the set of photos from the party on Saturday night (taken with a real camera) got erased by accident. all gone. now all we have left are the 27 pictures that were taken on my plastic throwaway. i'm collecting them on thursday....needless to say, sad face.

I am excited to see this film "Steak". What film, "Steak"? I'm not sure either. All I know is that it is FRENCH and also SEBASTIAN seems to be all over the soundtrack. Merde, it's French-Canadian. I won't understand anything. Maybe it's one of those the -soundtrack-makes-the-movie movies.

OH! BEACH HOUSE, MENOMENA and O'DEATH are playing JULY 4th in Festsaal Kreuzberg. That is going to be a most excellent show. YO.

i have ordered my 1st ever iPod, which should arrive tomorrow. so i've been thinking of all these iPod dates i can go on now. where do you like to go with your iPod?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

All My Stars Aligned / I Wanna Love


the weekend is over. i think i'll work backwards..

i went to see Scout Niblett tonight. It was one of those Sundays when i could luxuriously spend my time doing not much. Go pick up a record player, take a nap, listen to records and then go to a show. There was a good buzz in the venue, outside I had overheard people in the queue saying things like "Scout Niblett is indescribably brilliant". More than once the music reminded me of Nirvana, somehow. (Is there such a word as indescribably? Is it undescribably? I was eavesdropping a German

Listen to "I Wanna Love" here. It's gonna be on Scout's new album (recorded in Steve Albini's studio, coming out in October).

My friend Kristian is on tour with Scout, playing drums. He told me this summer he will play drums for St Vincent, a young lady from New York who is going on tour with Arcade Fire. Holy smokes Kristian, that will be one hell of a time! (I do remember coming across St Vincent for the first time on Shane's blog a while ago.) can't stop listening to "All My Stars Aligned" here. (Check out the photographs in her profile, taken by the amazing NY based photographer Tod Seelie.)

Also NY based at the moment is Robbie! He's doing scintillating updates and stuff.

Last night at KIM was tons of fun. The crowd of people who turned up for the TADA showcase were totally awesome. We had a gang of Tada boys, modelling satin trousers and jewellery from Anna's collection. I can't wait to see the photos from the night...Dancin', drinkin' and talkin' til all hours. I even had an unexpected dj sidekick (thanks Maximilian). Max was one of the models, but not just a pretty face. A photographer and graphic designer (he made the flyer for us)...he's working on his website at the moment, I will point you in the direction when it goes up.

Expect Excellence came about because I wanted to start something new, but not just another dj night. I wanted to combine having a party funtime with showcasing art, fashion or photography work from up and coming artists and designers. I really enjoy working on this kind of thing, after getting a taste of the behind the scene's stuff from when I worked for Planningtorock, I missed it and so it's good to be working on a project like this which gives me a chance to work with some great people. Hooray!

(Photo blog of the night coming soon).

I don't particularly want a McDonalds to open in my hood, do you?