Friday, September 12, 2008

What a ho, What a tramp, What a slut

Russell Crowe wrote a letter to the Australian government assuring them that Snoop Dogg doesn't pose a threat to the country, since Snoop wasn't going to get a visa to enter the country and get his tour on, due to his criminal record. Well, that is funny.

Tilly and the Wall are back and they are really fierce! Before, they were fierce in a tapping, hand clapping kind of way. But now they're fierce like..handclaps and tapping plus swearwords and dirty guitars and bitches and hoes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


this week is pretty good. i tried to hook a few friends up with jobs, only took one day off work to recover from the zooommmbbbbiie flu and now i just saw this video:


Saturday, September 06, 2008


a scary thing happened the other day. i was talking to a friend about a gig i'd been to a few months ago in Dublin, and i couldn't remember who the band was. i could remember the venue because it was the first night they were having a live band to play there, and it had sounded amazing. and i remembered that i randomly bumped into a friend i hadn't seen in years. ok it just came to be as i wrote this paragraph - sorry M83, you are amazing but the point is, i wanna try and keep track of the gigs i go to. i used to always look forward to writing about the night once i got home, i could never wait til the next day. but maybe i got stuck, it is very hard to write about music, almost impossible. but i guess that's the charm of it and you have to push yourself when writing to find highlights about the evening apart from pointing out how much you loved or hated the music...

there are some VERY GOOD CONCERTS coming up VERY SOON. there are even days this month when THREE VERY GOOD CONCERTS are all ON THE SAME NIGHT, hello September 24th.

Pete & the Pirates at Bang Bang Club
Futureheads at Knaack
Crystal Castles at Maria

Also won't be at home to answer the phone on the 23rd when Casiotone for the Painfully Alone plays at Westgermany, with support from Crayonsmith. And if I was here i'd be in a dither, i'll be away and not dithering but a bit sad i'm missing out on this night: Bon Iver plays at Postbahnhof and I'm from Barcelona play the Volksbuhne on September 28th.

Also going to start sending myself daily reminders about Metronomy on Oct 18 - must not book any flights out of the country or arrange to be anywhere else than inside Roter Salon wondering how they're gonna do the creaking door sample for Heartbreaker. Will they have a real live creaky door? With Metronomy I would not be surprised...

(by the way M83 are actually playing here Oct 14 in Lido)