Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Are My Crunchie

I know that there is a twix in my refridgerator and it is calling out to me! Probably cos i've watched this music video once or nine times already today:

Hotpants Romance are playing the excellent WestGermany this Saturday night, supporting the Ting Tings.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Week of Danger!

max's telling_time flyer

It's only Wednesday and I've already seen Handsome Furs, Les Savy Fav and Beach House! Still to come, me and Max have a Unicorn X-ing dj night (see above) on Friday at KIM and the Blow are playing in Bastard on Saturday night.

I was totally in awe of Handsome Furs. Dan Boeckner gangles onstage, nodding his head modestly at the crowd and Alexie comes bounding after him waving her arms at everyone so vigorously she is basically waving her whole body at us. Her hair is cropped short and platinum blond and she is the most stunnin' lady, ever. He announces them as "GBH from London" and opens the show with "What We Had", effectively stopping my heart...This pair are amazing. His voice and her beats (and pounding feets!) take you to another place altogether, where noone can get at you and it's so thrilling to seem them play live. And when you go back to listen to it on record it sounds better than you could ever have imagined before. Plus, how awesome is it to go on a European tour for your honeymoon?

Last night Les Savy Fav..i had no idea what we were in for. Magic, extreme laughing and not a little suspense. Once he was up on stage, entering under a guard of honor formed by the crowd, Tim "santa claus" Harrington was jumping off it again - climbing equipment, balconies, and heads, up inside one dudes t shirt (seriously did anyone get that on film?) and stripper dancing on a door-sized piece of timber he dragged into the middle of the crowd to be held up by some muscly boys. It was impossible to tell what he was gonna do. He was pretend strangling one dude with his microphone lead, and maybe actually suffered a serious neck injury. "Is it possible to like, dislodge a bone in your neck?", it was hard to watch him sing for a while after that because he would involuntarily gag, because maybe a bone was sticking into this throat...but i think they may have cut the concert a little short and he made it through to the end. I wish i had the whole evening on tape, it was AMAZING. and they even had the song i was waiting for all night on 7 inch at the merch table. White vinyl + a signed cover : )

What Would Wolves Do?

i thought it might be dangerous going to see Beach House tonight...Outside is so dark now all the time, it's wintry and cold and it's hard not to let that effect your mood. But their performance actually had the opposite effect on me. And, Ms. Legrand definitely lives up to her surname. Her eerie voice has such a strange quality, it puts you in a trance. I was really lucky because I thought they were the main band, but actually they were opening for..someone else. I arrived an hour late, just as Beach House got up to play. They warned us to stay for the headliners, I wonder if most people are showing up for them on this tour. After they finished the first song Legrand said it was already the best show they'd had.

Berlin needs to have a proper listings guide, cos there were only about 10-15 people who attended the Handsome Furs, and i KNOW there would have been ALOT more if it had been properly advertised etc somewhere.

I met some co-workers I had at City Slang last year and they told me that Universal bought V2 and now everyone is being let go and who knows whats going to happen to the bands. Oh, but "Theyre keeping the Paul Weller and Stereophonics back catalogue" > Puke.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Je m'occupe de toi

dear diary,

Today I - woops! This is certainly not the right place to tell you about all those secret girl things...Instead I will tell you about fantastic music things. The last couple of gigs I attended included the earth shatteringly sexy Rilo Kiley, the Cribs and..some punk bands i dont know the name of but really jsut went to hang out at cos its on this squat on my street that i hadn't been to yet.

When I said earth shatteringly sexy, I was also including the Cribs there..swoon, thud. There's a bundle of pictures at the club website. Hello, ryan jarmans's neck veins.

Tomorrow I'm gonna be taking part of a new music video shoot for Planningtorock. I don't know which song its for yet, the only information i have so far is to wear black pants and also trainers. And i might be leaning against a wall, and in a car. Hopefully I will be able to document the shoot and have some photographs to post on here. Fun!

God Bless Shane Torturegarden and his recent amazing Final Fantasy III interview.

The past week I had some fantastic friends visiting me and it was such a laugh. We did all the best things. Dancing, drinking, eating laughing...Friday night was Death by Pop actually, I will dj there this Friday. It's the last night that Death by Pop will be on at Bastard, as apparently the venue will be torn down/renovated. Goodbye lovely venue. It's my trial run, so I'm on first and I will probably be playing all da new stuff. Like Scanners. That I just came across this week, thanks BigStereo. I don't know how exactly I am going to play them since "Raw" isn't released til November 5th and there doesn't seem to be a naughty mp3 of the track anywhere.

In the meantime I am gonna dj at Dr Pong this week, on Thursday night.

my ice-cream flyer

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This Is a Gang, and I'm In It

Hands up who wants to see 50 Cent and Crystal Castles on a stage TOGETHER??? Meeeeeeee!!! I didn't actually think it was true when I joked a couple of months ago that CC were "featured" on 50's latest track. There's a touch of it in Nelly Furtado's new song "Do It" aswell..Do it!!!!

More Timbaland drama associated with this "Do It" song actually, which is the end product of a remix done for the Commodore 64. Apparently it's not Crystal Castles related though...Timbaland just says he "sampled" it and doesn't have time to research if something belongs to the "public domain".

Whatevs, it's a JAM:

Find it here, at Mix Tape Maestro.

Do it - Nelly Furtado + Missy Elliott

I'm going record shopping at Hip Hop Vinyl tomorrow and I wanna pick up dat remix. Have been buying top notch records off them via Amazon, then found out they are just around the corner from me!

I just came back from some holidays and in my holiday apartment there was a tv. I watched some crap on the tv sometimes. In between the crap there were sometimes good ads. I'm dyyyying to find these two songs, but i forget the brands and the lyrics i can remember ain't helpin. "I can be happy" (and sort of sounds like a japanese girl) is one from an ad for fibre, with girls dressed normally, but you can tell they are underwater, and smiling because the fibre is really great stuff. And the other is one is from a car ad, and it goes like, "All the time I spent waiting for you with chocolates and daffodils dandelions(???) in my hand". Or something. If that rings a bell, tell me!