Sunday, January 18, 2009

Return of excellent blogger dude alert!

Indie christoph is back updating, regularly for 13 posts now since coming back in January two-thousand-and-fine. The blog is sexy and - indie christoph is your friend!

The news i have to report from the weekend includes a 6 foot blonde adonis dancing for 7 hours straight at Death by Pop. As luck would have it, Jack, a model from Melbz, Australia who had just arrived to Berlin on Friday night, walked in the club just as i pressed play on "Into the Galaxy". Crazy dancing ensued, and he nearly hopped over the dj booth in the excitement for hearing Ladyhawke, yelling that he'd seen her play live and that i was "a better dj than the whole of Australia". haha! Also, another Australian guy came up and asked "how do you know about these Australian bands?!" Does Australia not know that we know what they know?! Anyway, the more Australian people on the dancefloor, the AWESOMER, because the German kids sometimes don't really even like hearing music like Ladyhawke, Midnight Juggernauts or Cut Copy. I'm happy to play song requests but the buck stops at Mando Diao or Pigeon Detectives, sorry German kids. (I know Ladyhawke is from New Zealand, but so far only Australianers have come running up to me all excited because I played one of her songs. I don't know where the New Zealanders are at?!).

I djed at White Noise on Saturday night as a last minute thing. Some boys from VICE UK were part of the dj line up too and were almost giggling with glee about all the fun they were having in Berlin for the fist time ever and djing at White Noise. Apparently Peaches was in attendance - she will dj there in a few weeks time. Also there will be a dj set from the Sex Pistols in the near future.

In case you were wondering, it's not minus eleven anymore, we've warmed up to a toasty one degree.

I forgot to report back about last weekend. Well I got to make Lo Fi Fnk dance to Kylie. They were in town to do some partying and came to dj at Death by Pop. They had the downstairs area and it was great. Lots of sexy Swedish people also came out to dance. They ran out of music around 2.30 so I was invited to take over and they were awesome and stayed to dance. Best interpretive dance moves ever!

I just realised I missed the Animal Collective concert tonight, so I'm off to go and sulk about that...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dancing Therapy

Flipping heck I have to find a very nice outfit for the GLAMCANYON PARTY DURING BERLIN FASHION WEEK!!! I will be a dj there, djing for the people. The party will be at Villa and the SEXUS, NEXUS and COMPLEXUS ladies are coming from London to dj aswell.

The first Glamcanyon party was in London on December 9th, and it was a mega affair. The joint was called "THE LAST DAYS OF DECADENCE" (can you believe such a place exists?) on Shoreditch High St. There was gold on the ceiling, art deco mirrors and when Kat Walks asked for a strip pole for the dancefloor, SHE GOT ONE. There was a make out room. Some other Berliners were there too including Max Krefeld, who you may know from his amazing dancefloor twirls, or music projects Appaloosa, Candyblasta and Casper who you may know as the angel who took your 6 euros at the door at Picknick once upon a time. Max did not disappoint on the dancefloor, and neither did Casper for that matter, dancing with a horseriding helmet.

Some fond memories of the night...

{all photos © Glamcanyon}

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Two thousand and great

This year I was totally corrupted by pop music. My friend Robbie did his top 10 and i thoroughly agree with half of his final 10, and have yet to discover the other half. I'm ashamed to admit i bought the Sons and Daughters album on vinyl but haven't listened to it yet! HOW EMBARRESSING!

A friend wrote me a note on Last fm asking what my top 10 of 2008 was, and i took up quite a bit of his page trying to answer. So i thought i would rephrase my comment in an exciting blog post!

One of the highlights of this year for me was REX THE DOG. I thought I didn't know who Rex was, but he was known as JX in the 90's and actually produced alot of 90's hits. Seriously, go to Youtube and look up JX and get your 90's dance on. This guy kept Long Wave Atlantic 252 running, for serious (DO YOU REMEMBER LISTENING TO LONG WAVE ATLANTIC 252????)

{Will this work? I'll post a hype machine search for each song or maybe a video.}

I can see you, can you see me? (hypem search) Seems to be alot of remixes for that one..

Kylie - In My Arms (hypem search) - dance or don't bother breathing in my direction

One time i decided to go to sweden for a holiday, to see the Shout Out Louds play in Stockholm. One marracas concussion and a year later i returned there to Gothenburg to see Lykke Li play a festival. My mouth was literally watering at the thought of seeing her live, I'd actually heard one of her songs while waiting for the Shout out Louds to come on that first time in Sweden. the dj was playing 7 inches and when this eerie beautiful song came on I ran over to ask him who it was and even though he pointed to the name and said it in my ear a few times i didn't have a fucking clue how i could remember it, and promptly forgot. In Swedish her name is pronounced like "luckily". Good, because saying "licky lee" is just GROCE and WRONG people! (I sincerely hope I'm right about the pronunciation..)

After seeing her live, I can assure you that all that spit was not in vain. Goddamn this girl, she has the wierdest singing voice, she is fierce on stage, she writes heartbreaking songs and SHE CAN RAP.

The video for "I'm good I'm gone" features SWEDISH MUSICAL ROYALTY including Lykke Li herself, plus Robyn, some guys from Shout out Louds, the Concretes and god knows who else is drinking the tap water (It is the tap water, have you tasted it?)

Friendly Fires are winners on several levels. Their front man who wears high waisted tight pants and sparkly jumpers can dance like a fool and sing beautifully and the overall effect is rather smashing.

Friendly Fires - Jump in the pool

Magic Wands - Teenage Love
If im djing i love to play this song at the start of the night when nobody is on the dancefloor yet.

If Ladyhawke hadn't set the world on fire I would have died a little inside (not because of her, because of the bad, bad world). THANK GOODNESS FOR LADYHAWKE! Have you seen the artwork on the album? Up close? Cats dressed up as ghosts in white sheets with holes for the eyes! it's the best ever.

Ladyhawke - My Delerium

You should definitely who La Roux is:

La Roux - Fascination (hypem search)

True beauty sung by bearded men - White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes (hypem search)

Anoraak - Talking in your sleep. (hypem search)
A most excellent cover version. Relish it, or the original by the Romantics:

I'll go out on a good one. Metronomy - Thing for me. AND it's a karaoke theme video (keep watching past the first 20 seconds, it's not just a pretend karaoke video!)

Not mentioned: Britney, Leona Lewis, that "It's too late to apologise" song and other embarressing titles.