Sunday, July 13, 2008

i heard she broke your heart again..

Metronomy have a song called Heartbreaker and it's breaking my heart.

Like on Friday night when I arrived at Tape to see Santogold without my ticket and c o u l d n ' t g e t i n. Yes i really did forget my ticket. Before that, I had also nearly got kicked off the line up at death by pop when i arrived late. The S Bahn tracks are all messed up, and if it hadn't been so upsetting in the end, it would have been sort of funny.

But who cares, let's not dwell on the heartbreak, except when Metronomy are singing about it. I found the mp3 at Have Fun Club, you should "find" it too...Is that really a squeaking door sample???

Also breaking my heart is church tax. Isn't that sexy. Now that i've been working freelance for a year and have just became an official employee, i'm all paying taxes and shit. i'm also definitely getting into heaven because the german church automatically help themselves to €50 every month. i can get out of it, but it means having to run around to several beaurocratic institutions to inform them, i probably also have to tell a priest that i'm quitting the church, that's going to be a sentence i never thought i'd learn in German.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catch Me When I'm Falling

What is going on around here? Alot of stuff. Santogold is coming to Berlin to play her first ever / only ever / pee your pants show in Germany tomorrow night right here in Berlin town! We are so lucky we have tickets we are going to see her, and her dancers, and the golden room of shields at Tape.

Another nice thing is Sunday's Best - an event by Wedding Dress & Street Clash, which is part of Berlin Fashion Week and has been curated by the inimitable Daryl of said blog, and also the best italo blog Radio No.1 (will forever be indebted to Radio No.1 for introducing me to the Passion Boys...Sally Shapiro and Fun Fun songs that I didn't know about, among others.) and I am kicking myself now because I was invited to take part and be a model but I said no. Well I said yes and then I said no. It would be so cool, but the the thought of walking down a runway in front of people..yikes. Yes, it's a concept show, Daryl says,

"I've rounded up twenty of the best dressed kids in Berlin and put them on the runway, where they will wear clothes entirely from their own closets. Berliner style in its purest form."

Sunday's Best, 20th July at Brunnenstr.64, see you there, but not on the runway * )

MELT is already happening next FRIDAY omg. Ladyhawke is playing live, so are the Teenagers and Kate Nash...and that's only 3 out of like, lots. It's gonna be dreamy! I even have a hotel room YO!!!! Maybe even breakfast included.

I must remember to organise festival necessities. I don't want to end up getting by with a pair o' wellies, some bananes and a rain mac in a bag to get me through the weekend. Actually I don't even have wellington boots. Let's see what happens..