Sunday, December 10, 2006

All I Wanna Do Is Ride Bikes With You, And Stay Up Late and Watch Cartoons

Keep an eye on Wears the Trousers for Robbie's sexy interview with Planningtorock.

..who is playing here on 21 Dec in Rio by the way.

Last night at Dr Pong was wheely great. Apparently yesterday there was a bicycle race in Berlin. There was a bicycle-dude get together after party thing at the bar, so there was an especially invented for the occasion PUNCH for all the bicycle dudes to get drunk on...which they certainly did! Get drunk AND punch. Well, nearly. I was a bit scared of them sometimes. But then they would dance to Cansei de Ser Sexy, or make a "wish" for Whitney Houston, "only one of the good ones, from the 80s."

I hope that everyone is going to see "Little Miss Sunshine". If you are in the mood to go and watch a really good film at the cinema, I highly recommend it.

We had our own smoke machine button at the UDK party on Friday.

My neighbour is so cool. He has fashioned some pretend snowballs so it looks like someone has just splatted his door with two snowballs! HA! I went to the flea market today, and now have my first christmas decoration: a shooting star light. It's small, but fiery. It practically lights up my whole place.

In Ireland, if someone is very, very good looking we say they are "a ride".

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Edie Sedgwick, Anna Karina, Arlene Dahl.


There are alot of good things on this week: the UDK university is having a BIG MAD PARTY on Friday night. My friend signed us up to be the "indie" djs. We have a room all to ourselves for the night, and it's quite a beautiful room. AND the party is not just for grotty students. So please come out and dance!

I guess cassette-flyers are de rigeur. i made a flyer up like this only last week...Look closely because everything you need to know is ON THE FLYER.

This Saturday night i'm djing at Dr Pong:

almost tropical2

Beat that, UDK.

KLAXONS just came on the radio!..On radio eins!. Swit Swoo. And there's..extra bits in "Gravity's Rainbow". Scratchy, whiny, excellent bits.

That was exciting.

Also exciting, and a bit troublesome are the upcoming gigs over the next few days. FRIEDA HYVOENEN and LOVE IS ALL are both playing here on Sunday night. I would love to check out Privatclub, I've never been to a gig there. But I think I've been looking forward to the latter for a bit longer. Which means another stuffy, smoky, shove-y night in Magnet.

Monday poses another dilemma. i didn't realise it 'til just now but THE THERMALS and LONG BLONDES are in town playing the same night.

Oh, bugger. Not only will i be totally knackered after the weekend, i will have to make decisions. Hate dah.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Can Razmatazz You Honey If You Want Me To

i discovered an amazing song this week. "cherry cola" by eagles of death metal.

so, how's your weekend? hm, today i have a pretty bad hangover. pretty much the worst! i got a last minute job dj job for this dude's birthday party last night. it was held in a pretty cool venue and there was a big crowd. i was happy because people were dancing and there was a really good buzz. But then, after a couple of hours things started to go hilariously downhill. This 4 foot indian called "Moon" accosted me with his USB stick - at first i thought he wanted me to copy my music onto it, and i was a smidge flattered. (i never djed with a laptop before, but i was warned that maybe there wouldnt be a double cd mixer, so i should be prepared. i don't keep my music on it so i spent a good few hours beforehand uploading about 7 hours of music. it turned out that they had some reeeeeeeally nice equipment for cd mixing, which was one of the only nice things about the whole evening...)

so this Moon dude actually wanted me to copy all the music from HIS usb stick and play stuff off it. I started to do it, then the birthday dude came over and said "Whats going on here?..Just ignore that guy, he wasnt even invited" So i pretended there was a problem with my laptop and handed the USB stick back to Moon who said "yeh well you better have the music that we want." with a vicious glint in his eye. From then on he went out of his way to make things difficult. Even though people were dancing and having a good time and coming up to me and saying "MUSIC IS GREAT!!! AWOOOHOOO!!" this Moon dude and his pals kept coming over all serious asking for "more upbeat Benny Benassi." Oh i wish i could have seen my face when he said that. I felt really bad because the birthday guy just wanted people to have a good time. and i didnt want people to have a bad time cos they didnt like the music i was playing. but it was really just this little bunch of twats that ganged up against me because they didnt know that a dj had been booked, and they had all thought they would be hooking up their little usb sticks and putting on their terrible, awful, shitty music.

i did have nerd, justin timberlake and amerie with me so i played some of that..I even resorted to some early J.Lo. But these fuckers were just not happy. this guy was sharing his birthday party with his co-worker, and her boyfriend came up and bullied me into letting him take over. He started playing this euro dance trash and all the annoying bastards went "woo!!" but then two seconds later, people were getting their jackets and leaving, and those that stayed were coming up to me and saying "what happened? your music was better.." i didnt really know what to do then, because i was being paid to be there, but drunken control freaks with terrible music taste (possibly the worst kind of human being in existence) had taken over. then the boyfriend stomps up to me and demands to know why i have been complaining and so im trying to explain how shitty this situation is. i felt really bad because people should not be getting angry at a birthday party. and i was also just like "dude, you have terrible taste in music. what are you playing? can you hear this? It is TRASH." To his credit, he actually laughed and said "Yeh." Birthday guy had told me the party would be a crowd of 20-30 year olds who wanted to dance. and i had told him that the music i play is like new indie rock and some electronica stuff and 80s pop. i actually like that one benny benassi song, "satisfaction" but still. those people were absolutely evil motherfuckers. at one point i sort of cried a little bit because i am such a fucking girl and it was just so stressy.

Then this nice girl came up and we talked for a bit and she said she might have music on her laptop which they would like, so she would dj for a while. (i dunno there were alot of people with usb sticks and laptops at this party.) she did play some cool music, but people started attacking her with their usb sticks, and when one drunken eastern european bimbo tried to jam in her usb stick into the girls Mac even though it didnt fit, she got fed up and quit. so we left the boyfriend to it.

i really like djing. but last night was such a shitty position to be in. and i know it came about because it was all so last minute and not really planned very well. and ive wasted my weekend on the resulting hangover of doom - from the alcahol and all the drama. it was like a highschool prom gone wrong or something.

"cherry cola" does nearly make it all better though. it's up for download at their little spot. also, if you click on that cherry bakewell tart it gets really big. like really big.