Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tell Me We Both Matter Don't We?

DFA are re-releasing Planningtorock's album "Have it All". There will be bonus traxxx, including "The Havers". Needless to say, BLOODY HELL THAT'S BRILLIANT!!!

[[[The next Expect Excellence party is gonna be on May 8th in King Kong Club. ]]]

25 ain't bad so far. i just had a major crash from my sugar high and slept the last 3 hours. so much cake and muffins and chewy sweets and lemonade i had today! birthday booty is the bestest. i received Shit Disco's "super limited edition" new album "Kingdom of Fear" from Katja, a Ptr t shirt, Polka dot gloves and a dress from Janine, a beautiful hand-embroidered tote bag from amazin' Andrea (click it! she just uploaded a huge stash of photos from SXSW 2007! Architecture in Helsinki, Ra Ra Riot, Simple Kid, Peter Bjorn and John und mehr!).

[Shit Disco in Magnet March 18th, if Joel has recovered from his illness by then!]

PURPLE CRUSH played here last night. Oh my.

Purple Crush - Running Up That Hill

I've been searching high and low for that track all week, and finally struck gold today at Chazology, which was a most excellent find.

The first band of the night was Trash Fashion. They are from London and have excellent London accents and do some kind of glam rock, indie rave, bedroom-rappin' thing that is pretty hot and funny.

New Young Pony Club were also in the line-up last night. BUT THEY WERE ONLY DJING!!! The last time they were supposed to play in Berlin they cancelled.

The free ice-pops sorta made up for it though. Yeh, free ice-pops!

This week should be nice.

>>>>> The Rakes + the Bishops in Lido, Teusday May 2nd.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Everything is Worth a Kiss

hey pals, this weather is CLASS.

Are you coming out to get your pop on at Magnet on Friday night? Simian Mobile Disco (who have come a long way from "we are your friends") are playing a special Melt Festival night with Trash Money and Para One.

Saturday night i'm djing at KIM (Brunnenstr.10) from ELEVEN TIL ONE.

You can't touch this. The glitz, the glamour.

Friday, April 20, 2007

1 2 3 4


The photos from the 1st Expect Excellence party are up!

MAJOR BUMMER. I forgot SURKIN was playing in Berlin tonight!

SHAKES Sunday 22nd @ Magnet
the HORRORS Tuesday 24th @ Magnet

Poopsy Club is tonight (Saturday) at WestGermany.

Watch out for me at KIM (BrunnenStr.10) next Saturday (28th) doing a little dj set from 11 0'clock. There will be a special exhibition on there from 5PM and also other djs throughout the day & night.

Did you have a look at that flyer? If you're in London, that will be a pretty good night. POWERS are setting sail for foreign shores to play their first show outside of Berlin. Performance sound like they are gonna be very interesting live. Check out their myspace player for a killer track, "The Ending".

Feist is taking Grizzly Bear on tour with her! Oh, just imagine.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



Saturday, April 07, 2007

Je Revois la Ville en Fête et en Délire

I didn't realise that landing a job would be so exciting. But, it is! I haven't been this excited since I was 12 years old and at Irish college for the first time. Seriously. This guy Philip, with an undercut and a Sepultura t-shirt thought I was 16 so asked me to "shift him on the way home". Henceforth we were inseparable. I grilled him about obscure* indie bands and he said "no" alot.

" do you know Gene?"
" do you know Pulp?"
"do you know Elastica?"
"do you know.."

but i was just so excited, i didnt know what to do! my first boyfriend! wittering about music is a great fallback. i just hope i don't arrive into the office next Tuesday badgering my new co-workers about bands.

*obscure in the 12 year old girls from Ireland set anyway. rih?

It's basically a platform for crafty people to sell their fancy goods. I have a had a great year working un/underpaid internships for Planningtorock and City Slang, but despite the tremendous fun, I didn't have much bread on the table. And now I got a really nice job. I'm so excited!

British Music Week is coming up soon!

April 10-30 in venues across Berlin.

Pencil me in for Lady Sovereign at 103 Club on Sat 21st April; Shakes on 22nd April in Magnet [with the Magdelenas and Olympus Mons] and the Horrors on 24th April [with the Voom Blooms].

Not really part of BMW, but noteworthy nonetheless Shit Disco are coming back to make your disco blood boil. May 18 we shall be having a reactor party at Magnet. Watch out cos I know Kung Fu, OK?

Their latest video is very good:

Last night at Eel Pie was most excellent. Katja Hentschel graced us with her presence, and her big ass camera. I'm setting up a new website dedicated to the Expect Excellence party. Katja's snaps coming soon.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don'tcha. No You Don't.

"What are you doing up so late?"

"Looking for a Pussycat Dolls mp3".


"The "I don't need a man" song."


"IT'S NOT FUCKING AWFUL! ...Granted, the lyrics are rubbish. But the beat and melodies and saxophone bits are great."

"That saxophone is coming from a button on a keyboard."

"That's why it's so good."


"Xiu Xiu did a cover of that other song they had, "Dont'cha"."


"Oh my god. If you go look on the hype machine you can hear "Don'tcha" and "Let's Dance" by David Bowiew in a mash-up. IT'S SO GOOD!!!"

"Wha- I'm going to bed."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Expect Excellence this Friday 6th April at Eel Pie


It's a photography showcase (and also a party) featuring documentation of SXSW 2007 by Drea Augustin; photography and video footage of Au Revoir Simone, Dandi Wind, Peter Bjorn and John, the Presets, Simple Kid, Architecture in Helsinki and much, much more.

I will be djing// Doors at 10pm // Adm FREE!//