Saturday, December 15, 2007

On Voit les Etoiles Qui Bouge Ici et Là

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WOAH! How do the weeks fly by so fast?

A couple of months ago I started as resident dj for Death by Pop, the funnest, sweatiest, danciest, sexiest indie-llectual disco dancing night in Berlin. I don't usually dj off my laptop, but last night i was doing a set in the downstairs area, where there weren't no turntables. So my record bag stayed at home. (((Sad Face))). I usually can't keep track of what I've played, (i tend to fly by the seat of my pants). But working off the 'puter, your set list gets all saved and shit. So it's very cool to look back on what i played last night and relive all those sweet moments! There isn't really any other club night in this beautiful city where you can get to hear this music, it's a special thing. Every Friday at Bang Bang Club.

Sweet Momentz: (thanx to other bloggers! click on the song links to visit their post where you'll find the song).

Elle Milano - Katsuki Remix

She's Good for Business - MSTRKRFT

In Yr Underwear - Fox n Wolf (scroll down, down)

Sweaty - Muscles

ToyBoy - Stuck in the Sound

Yelle - Ce Jeu (can't believe how many ppl were asking to hear Yelle even though I had been naughty and already played two of her traxxx!!! Sweet.)

the Bomb - New Young Pony Club (Teenagers Crush LOU Remix) Definitely yoink this!

Uffie - First Love

Playing the Krystal Kastles mix/rework/ripoff of "Atlantis to Interzone" is kinda dangerous cos it's soooo hype-y, you're like, what can i play after that? The people, they go KRAZY! So i played the original right after. Nice nice. No need to post a link to that one, it's almost a golden oldie.

This kid was bugging me to play some song that I didn't have, i didn't have what he wanted and he just wouldn't go away. I was like, "They are crap. i do not have it and i am not going to play it anyway." A while later he came up, brandishing his phone, where he had written a message for me. It went something like "u R stoopid or Y don't you play the Wombats or the Kooks." Awwwwwwwwwwesommmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!!!!!! For every stoopid guy like that one there's a hundred awesome ppls, so it equals out pretty nice.


* )

(ps - it's always a good idea to get a brownie on your way home at 6am and forget to eat it so when you wake up with a zombie hangover you can have a big cup of tea and a brownie and make it all better).