Monday, July 30, 2007

You Know You're Gonna Like It

i got a pile of nasty shirts yesterday. they are so bad!!!! so. bad.

do you wanna be roomies with the Teenagers? Ok read this, in a French accent.

Date: 30 Jul 2007 14:14

Subject: looking for a flat in east london

Body: hello everybody

we are looking for a flat in east london very soon

if you re looking for 1 or 2 people in your flat very soon, let us know plz



i cant even imagine how many girls are breaking up with their boyfriends and replying to that myspace bulletin with various offers. Make it happen, girlz.

Make it Happen - the Teenagers This one is bad like my shirts. [at Yellow Stereo]

Music That We Danced To Over the Weekend, And You Should Too!

(Thanks to Other Bloggers!..and Myspace).

Put your hands on your waistline

Tonight I Have To Leave It - the Shout Out Louds [at DIY Rockstar]

and move your body to the bassline,

Ready to Uff - Uffie [at Favours for Favours]

and get your hands on some cheap wine,

Bathroom Gurgle - Late of the Pier [Myspace. It's so new nobody has it yet.]

and just enjoy it til you feel fine,

I Go Hard, I Go Home - the Presets [at This Recording]

Great things about Berlin Festival this year:::

- eatin' burritos
- Late of the Pier, the Presets and Uffie
- making new friends
- meeting old friends
- sweatiest afterparties of all time
- jim beam and coke in a can. yes please!
- Shitdisco's cover of the Prodigy's "No Good". It has sirens in it.
- Au Revoir Simone gave me goosebumps and made me cry a little bit.
- free sunglasses
- Uffie swearing her head off


August 9th Chromeo's rescheduled show at Club 103. i guess his eye is better.
August 10th Expect Excellence!!! at Eel Pie Almost Tropical (who me?) + Katja Hentschel Photography.
August 11th Unicorn Crossing!!! at Dr Pong. Me and him.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trying Your Luck

Phones has done a remix of "Heinrich Maneuver" (((on Interpol's myspace))). It is really great! And sad and, I almost wish Paul's vocals weren't even on it..

This weekend is a bit up and down. But a definite high was mixing a whiskey-cola for Alexis Hot Chip. The band played at Melt! Festival yesterday evening, and invited Janine to come down and Janine invited me, lucky me! She supported them on some of their dates in the US recently, which was a match made in heaven. So, watch out for collaborations and general gadding about town from Planningtorock & Hot Chip. Their set was mega fun, it was apparent that everyone who came to the festival gathered to see them play. They didn't play anything from their first record Coming on Strong, but lots of great new songs, like everything...including My Piano from their DJ Kicks comp. It was a dance party.

The Hot Chaps are true gents and gave up one of their hotel rooms for me and Janine to sleep in (which we narrowly escaped out of this morning). Never mind that there were some kind of, but probably not flying cockroaches infestation, we had a bottle of whiskey, and a variety of topics to discuss, like the name for the new album - the Second Warning? Which could then lead onto the amazing Final Warning of course. ACtually i know what it really might be, but i probably shouldn't say. (It's really, really good).

Wow, they even give good blog.

So around midnight we were swilling champagne from the bottle and enjoying some minimal house from Michael Mayer's dj set. Afterwards I scurried over to see the Horrors. I had a backstage pass so I thought it would be extra special to watch from the side of the stage, but there was nobody else there, and i wanted to dance so I went into the crowd and up the front and had a jolly good time. The lights were too bright in the tent, so they weren't as scary as they should have been. Especially because Faris put a balloon up his t shirt.

There was a funny moment earlier in the evening. I was walking over to the bar and the Horrors were sitting down drawing in notebooks, primping hair and looking scary. As I walked by, Joe seemed to do a doubletake at my t shirt. I was (still am..) wearing this t shirt i found last week with Joey from New Kids on the Block's face on it, and his name in big letters underneath. Well, then i noticed that perhaps Joey New Kids on the Block and Joe Horror bear more than a passing resemblance! If you got Joe Horror to smile, and wear a sideways baseball cap, you would be like, Joey? Is it really you? Maybe Joe was thinking, JOEY??? IS THAT REALLY ME???

Look! Joey NKOTB, far right. Joe Horror, far right:

Basically it was a Joe-themed evening. I met the Joe from Shitdisco at the bar, he was ordering himself a watermelon cocktail at the bar and explaining to me the...difficulties shall we say, in keeping your shit together for the whole evening before you go onstage when your band is going on really late. They were playing after 1.30am or something. I can imagine how hard it could be to resist getting wasted, especially as it was such a beautiful evening, beside the lake, it was gloriously warm and just especially perfect for Watermelon cocktails. I missed Shitdisco because we had to leave, but they are coming to Berlin Festival in about two weeks. Brill.

Popular Computer - I can't forget you [Thanks alot to Keytars and Violins for sharing this track with me!!! Yay!!!]

My Piano - Hot Chip [over at Green Pea-ness, scroll down a bit, it's also a very good read).

ok that's enough, bye for now. oh, the t-shirt:

Friday, July 13, 2007

You've Got a Lovely Way With Words, Must Be The Way You See The World

Some excellent things for you to check out:

Japanese Posters Today Travelling Exhibition

Unicorn X-ing (Berlin)

Glam Canyon Street Fashion (New York)

Festival Pantiero (Cannes)

There has been a lot of stuff happening lately. Feels like summer.

Here we go, Weekend Mini Mixtape Thanks to Other Bloggers!

Kate Nash - Foundations (Metronomy Remix) [over at Not on the Guestlist]

Hearts on Fire - Cut Copy [over at Appears]

We Love Tokyo - Golden Bug [over at Bigstereo]

Rich Girls - the Virgins [over at Party Ends]

Self Love - the Teenagers [over at Missing Toof]

I'm a Flirt - R Kelly [over at Pop Tarts suck Toasted]

Aahh. These are all helping me get over this hangover of doom today. It was one sweaty and drunk night last night at Dr Pong. We had our very first Unicorn X-ing dj night, and it was fun. A bit too much fun. There is a scary bump on my head, too much money in my wallet and a pretty vague recollection of the tail end of the night. Hm....I wish I had kept the note the barman passed to us with "A request from the bar: Do you have Justice feat Uffie, "the Party"? scribbled on it.

If anyone has a digital track of Popular Computer's "I can't forget you", I would lovelovelove to have it! I can't fit the vinyl in to my iPod...