Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Justice, Maria, September 13

UFFIE + dj Feadz, Lido, September 19th

oh never mind that she just basically admits that she has no idea what she's doing and lets the boys tell her what to do...she's so cute!!!

Heidi Mortenson + Scream Club, September 26 in Lido

And the Cribs are coming next week, so I get to see this in RL LIFE

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


unicorn x-ing at kim fri 17

That's right! dis my new ting. me + max djing together on the worst soundsystems all over berlin city. So come and join us!

So here's some songs, with a unicorn / sick / 50 Cent theme, because there is always room for 50 Cent. go get em:

Kiss 'n Horns - Surkin [at You Love My Mewzick]

(((Sometimes i feel like Surkin and Justice are battling for the same spot in my little heart. Anybody else feel that?)))

Dustin & Garrett - Better Than Promo [at BigStereo]

50 Cent + Timbaland + Timberlake...+ Crystal Castles??! [at Discobelle]


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Show Me, Show Me, Show Me

Busy, busy time! But got to take a moment for a splendid video clash !

Lio - from the 80s - Sage Comme Une Image

Yelle - not from the 80s - A Cause des Garcons

Oh, did i tell you ?

expect excellence!

(((Flyer by Maximilian)))