Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He has been around you, and he knows you and you are stuck together

Rollin Hunt is an American musician who recently came to Berlin to play at Foerster. There was no mic stand in the house, so a little bit of improvisation later he performed his set singing into a microphone held by a mannequin positioned beside him on stage. There is an amazing new song for 2008 on his page. I think you should have a listen.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


There are alot of Tonight's to look forward to, I've been looking for this one for a long time. I went to visit Stockholm last September and while I was standing around at lovely Debaser waiting for the Shout Out Louds to throw maracas at my head, the dj played this song that was totally enchanting and even though I asked him for the name and he told me and showed me the 7 inch, i could never get it right whenever i tried to search it out once I got home. Maybe the funny Swedish pronunciation or maybe I was just meant to wait..It's no coincidence that her name sounds like "Luckily" because we are so lucky to have Lykke Li! (Sorrreeee). But you can get Tonight for free on her myspace page.

I am still recovering from seeing Jens Lekman play at Lido last night..oh dear. What is that instrument like a rectangular box that you can hold in your hands, and sort of thrum these metal wands (?), it sounds like a music box. Wow. Lido was so packed you couldnt move a centimetre any which way, and everyone stomped and clapped and shouted for FOUR ENCORES. he finally came out and said he just can't play any more, but thank you so much, he can never resist stomping and he would really like to go dancing after doing a silly interview backstage actually. It struck me for some reason when he didn't walk offstage, he stood there and received our applause.

This Friday at DeathbyPop is going to be EXTRA SPESHULL because my friends Erik & Robin from Jailhouse Fuck are gonna come and dj in the downstairs area! You will probably hear The Shangri Las, Fox N Wolf, Leila K, Madonna, the Slits, maybe Kriss Kross or perhaps Virgin Mega Whore.

Don't tell anyone but i got a really bad crush on the Kooks this week!!!!! Oh my god - what is wrong with me? Their new song though is so catchy and poppy and has a do-do-do-do-do-do-do chorus...and really, that Luke Pritchard is a bit of alright. Plus I think he seems to be a kind of a sweet person, but interviewers always seem to just take the piss out of him. Well the single isn't out til March, and I can only find a radio rip of it after searching all over the whole internet, Indie Dancefloor has it.) I even checked up if they have any tour dates coming up...JUNE 16TH IN COLUMBIAHALLE!!!

This video from Glastonbury is quite good! He even has rock n roll mumble.

Oh did i tell you?