Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where were you?

Erm, don't tell anyone i'm staying in on a Saturday night. well in Berlin, pretty much Monday to Friday is Saturday night. I had my big night night out on Thursday anyway..It was after Ze had played her fun glam-pop set, in defiance of the raised eyebrows and small crowd at White Trash. Can you imagine? This indian chick in a gold barely there bikini getting crunk in the White Trash restaurant.

Well we were eating "fuck you fries" and sipping "roller girls" and a figure walked purposefully towards the stage and announced over the mic that Michael Jackson had been reported to have had a heart attack and died. Our first instinct was to go and get totally wasted. I was out with my friend Jay and we were across from 8MM where he had never been, so we gathered our belongings and moved on. Actually my first instinct was to check my phone in case the guy at the mic was a joker, i had more than a few messages and they all said the same thing. It turns out I know the barman at 8MM and when i go to the bar to order we clarify that strong drinks are needed. 8MM is full of the usual suspects, the wierdo in the corner, the arguing couple, the dj who looks like she floated off the set of the Virgin Suicides, the drunk scumbag, the barman who's real job is his band, and the circle of bandmates gushing over new song ideas and taking care of business when the scumbag opens his mouth. He was manhandled out of there faster than you can say "Be quiet scumbag".

Hangover of doom the next day, i still made it into work and out to dj at Death by Pop later on Friday night. I played a few MJ tunes and just..felt sad. It's a strange feeling because it's not like I ever knew Michael Jackson. but it must be the same feeling that nearly broke the internet when so many people googled to find out if it was true and the same feeling why everyone is buying up his records. So I never knew him, but he's always been there, grabbing his crotch and tipping his hat, ever since I can remember. I looked at my friend Sven's blog tonight and his post says it all, pop is over.

Watch "the Making of Thriller"


fergaldavey said...

word to that sister.


Elsa said...

hey almost tropical!! i was just surfing you blog and i am interested in your dj... i organize parties/concerts. is there a way to listen to what you dj.--- or get some kind of list of songs?

please, use my mail

anyway good luck!