Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where do you run to

the Cheap Freaks played an electrifying set last night at White Trash. They even have one song that goes something (with more words) like "Freddy / Frightening / Hit by lightning". Coincidentally the sun burned out in a blaze of orange tonight (sun set around 9.30 today) plus a wierd rainstorm, the rain looked all slanty, as if there was a garden hose aimed at Berlin from somewhere. Now thunder and lightning and I'm making miso soup. June? Nearly July? Hmm..

I hope this week we can set up a last minute gig so that the Cheap Freaks can play one more time before they head home! and that we can get them into the studio for an interview. They're here to record an album so will be busy lads! Their first set was ferocius and they were brave and played lots of new songs in their second set.

Word to your moms, Shane is back in B-town. Watch our for glorious coverage of wonderous Berlin gigs. Dawn gave me a free cupcake at Cupcake today. She spoils us rotten!!!! This photo is from a previous Cupcake outing, but you get the idea!

Lionel is a cupcake

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