Monday, August 31, 2009

Come on baby I got a licence for love

Well now, well now, well now.

I self prescribed a movie night for myself but there are just too many 80s jazzercise videos on youtube and friends joining twitter to concentrate any further.

Since I last wrote a post I djed at Berlin Festival. See for yourself: (it really kicks off around the 40 second mark)

Tempelhof airport is AMAZING. It was a STUNNING location. TOo bad the sound was shite in the hangar and there was nowhere to sit down. People were literally hanging off window ledges to give their tired legeens a rest.

I was blown away and blinded by Health. Their live show is thrilling. We interviewed them at Motor FM the next week and BJ told me about a bunker at Mauer Park that I didn't know about. Jake saw the Cardigans on our playlist and said he wouldn't mind to play that cos he likes them...I still don't know if he was being serious or not. Also enjoyed but mainly felt sad watching Micachu from the window of my prison dancefloor where i was tethered to the dj decks in the "Air Base One" room, with the most amazing view of the festival grounds and the outside stage and yes I did line up a Micachu song to play while she was performing with her shapes. Well it was actually one of those luxury spoilt rotten jails because I had my own personal lighting and smoke machine dude for the WHOLE NIGHT. Three hours of swirly effects and haze for about 30 people. Nobody wanted to be inside, and noone could find the fecking dancefloor either, there were no signs.

Looks like I will get to dj at the Health show on October 22nd. My first time djing in Westgermany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SM said...

Billy Idol?!?!? The 80s really are back with a vengeance. Cool dance, though...

Talisa said...

cooler blog:)

Anonymous said...

G'on and get it Rebel Yell dancer!!! That's the spirit, you know?!