Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yes no yes no yes no. The sun in Berlin can't make up her mind. Thankfully today was YES to the 24th degree. it could only be honoured with going for a jar after work. There's one more nice day this week: 2moro. I'll be holed up in the White Trash office for one half of it and Motor FM studio for the second half. BUT hopefully i'll be exchanging emails with Dita Von Teese (or someone very close to her hehe) and having a chat with the Cheap Freaks, the actual men themselves, so it's for a good cause. Rumour is they will do an acoustic set for our show! Should be airing on Motor FM next Wednesday July 1st! They're from Dublin aswell so i'm a bit exirah at all the hometown slang. "the lads" "defo", "mad egg". These were not all uttered in the same sentence, but if they were, it would go something like:

"the lads are defo coming out tonight, watch out for anto, he's a mad egg!"

Ummmm next week I hope Berlin will be ready with open arms because Appaloosa is sweeping into town to perform at the Bread + Butter / Vice party at - yay the MICHELBERGER hotel.

this is ZE!:

On Thursday, come out and see her perform the FIRST of a few shows she's doing in Berlin over the next few weeks. First stop White Trash Thurs June 26th, next day LUX on Friday July 25th, then Villa Wednesday July 1st then somewhere "TBC" on July 4th. "You can call me Ze, VERY BI-ZE" Get it? Busy? Busy..girl..yup..

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