Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things to do before we die

Woke up to a phonecall from Shaun Humanzi wondering about back line for the gig at White Trash tonight. Cheap Freaks are playing. They're over here from Dublin for a few days, "I'm avoiding them.." he said, "they've been on the piss for the last 10 hours, I live here, they don't". hahaha.

Last night at Death by Pop we had a benefit for Duncan from Virgin Tongues since he is recovering from a terrible sleepwalking accident. (If you can imagine sleepwalking out of a window four stories off the ground..). I had the honour of playing "6 Feet Underground" and it gave me the shivers. Probably wasn't the most "appropriate" choice of song given the circumstances, but it's one of their best. I think the CD i had was a demo so it sounded a bit rough but still amazing. You can get the shivers too, they finally added it to their myspace page here. There doesn't seem to be any news updates there, just the telling sign that something is wrong by their "cancelled" dates.

Last night before Death by Pop I stopped by Superstore. My friend Asta has opened her very own vintage store, it's amazing!!!! She has had one of the best vintage stands at Mauer Park for years, and now she's going official, with the help of a few friends. Upstairs is a cafe with specially curated art works and furniture (which you can buy of course). I had my eye on the couch with the tropical parrot theme, oh yes. We were served free strawberry cocktails and morrocan chicken, it was a treat.

The vintage area down the steep steps (do not drink too many strawberry cocktails and then attempt those stairs let me tell you!) is STUNNING. This team of kids totally transformed the previous grotty basement to a very not grotty impeccably stylish emporium. They came up with their own AWESOME designs to decorate the walls including huge Egytpian style heiroglyphics and painted on purple leopard print, YES I SAID PURPLE LEOPARD PRINT! It's glorious! I wish i had taken photos, but if you are in Berlin you can just go there: Alsmtadt str. 43. Can't miss it. *Nice one, there are photos on Garbage Dress blog HERE!

Also I just came across a link to the Michelberger Hotel. We had some free drinks there a few weeks ago for a Vice party : ) Well heck it looks like it's gonna be a very cool place, follow the blog as they are still undertaking the refurbishments and looks like they're having a lot of fun doing so! It's all buying lotso f old school furniture, atlases, making lamps out of books and I'm sure tons of hard work and elbow grease. The website is fun - do not even think about clicking "skip" on the intro.

take care y'all.

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